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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


So what are some of your favorite apps for the iPhone?

What are the absolutely need to have free apps?

The phone I had before was at least 6 years old, so I am loving this new toy Still have to get used to the touch screen and commands.

I added iBooks and the free book about all of the things to do with this phone/computer.


  1. Apparently there's even an app for pulling tissues from a box.

  2. I don't have an iPhone. Just a dumb phone. Don't know a thing about apps...

  3. I don't even begin to understand mine yet. Supposed to have free unlimited web access, but everytime I go to open up an app, it says may have extra charges added. So what is the use of free web access???

  4. Teri - I like Photosynth for panoramic photos - so much fun!

    Here's a link to a magazine review of the best free apps of 2011:

  5. I've had my 3G for four years and need to upgrade... I have a bazillion apps... I have several games just for my my little granddaughter.

    I wouldn't know where to begin to suggest there are so many. Aside from the 22 or so it comes with ... I couldn't do without my games... Lock n' Roll - Gin Rummy - I have a TV guide app ... my online banking app... take me to my car app... weather app... Facebook ... ABC News... The Daily Beast ... Pandora as well as other internet Radio ... app for U-Verse to program my home TV to record shows if I'm away - like DWTS ;) ... state park app... yoga apps ...

    I do not know what I ever did without this thing... addicting... and surely you know about Angry Birds! Crossword - Sudoku ... so on and so forth... ;)

    And wow... thanks, Jeff for that URL... I wish I hadn't seen that! I'm pathetic - love the thing.

  6. Ha! "App collecting" has got to be one of the fastest-growing addictions! It's impossible to stop after just a few, isn't it?

    Careful Teri, it gets worse before it gets better!!!

  7. I've got an Android but if you can find Gas Buddy, RV All Stays and Passport America. Those are great for RVers. One I have just for fun is Sound Hound. You point your phone at the speaker and it will tell you who's performing and the name of the song and the lyrics, what album it was on. Just fun.

  8. Jim or Sandie... OMG... I just downloaded Soundhoud!!! it works... what fun... oh, lord just what I needed another app... HAhaaaaa


  9. have fun app hunting!..there is one for geocaching if you do costs but it is worth it!!!..and the ones that Sandi wrote about are great ones to have!

  10. Besides the great ones listed (highly recommend Gas Buddy, Passport America, and AllStays Camp and RV), I also use The Weather Channel, Skype, Mint, Facebook, TuneIn Radio, Pandora, MobileRSS, Flickr, Camp Where,, Woodall's, Coverage?, MurphyUSA, Pilot TravelCenters, iExit, Yelp, Where, AroundMe, and UrbanSpoon.


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