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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Baird, TX and Abilene, TX

Monday - May 5, 2014

"The 1911 Texas & Pacific Railway Passenger Depot has stood at the south end of Market Street in Baird for over a century.  It is a grand reminder of the railroad era and a rare survivor among stations of its design in Texas.  The facility has been completely restored.  The museum, chronicles transportation in Callahan County from cow trails to the railroad, to the first real interstate highway in the country.  The T&P Depot Visitor Center and Transportation Museum are managed by Baird Chamber of Commerce, open Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m."

I'm on my way North, I left San Antonio on Monday afternoon.

Thought I might stay at an RV park in Baird, but it was just a small, dusty town.  I did stop by the RR depot to get a few pictures.  Drove around the small downtown area, most of the shops were boarded up, not much to see. The RV park was ok, set up behind a motel, it looked neat enough, but only a few rigs were there. There was a lot of dust swirling around, probably due to the lack of any landscaping.

Anyway, I decided to continue driving west and ended up at the Abilene KOA. Neat and clean and no dust storms. I could have saved about $10 by staying in Baird, but thought it was best to stay at the KOA. It was too hot (needed the A/C today) to even think about Walmart or Cracker Barrel, although they were both right on I-20.

Abilene KOA

Northwest TX is hot and dusty.  87* at 9pm Monday

Miles traveled today..........334

Fuel prices: Universal City, TX ....  $3.689
                    Abilene, TX..............    3.579


  1. Not much to see in west Texas either. When you get up into Colorado, it should cool down for you. by the time we get out of here there won't be many Walmarts in our future either because of the heat.

  2. I wish you safe and non-dusty travels!

  3. I have not heard the term KOA in so long!! It brings back memories. My Mom had a small motor home and when she traveled she always tried to stay at a KOA. Save travels!! Gas in our Alaska town is $3.99 to $4.02.

  4. What a beautiful building. to bad about the dust and wind. Getting plenty of that here too.

    Safe travels and hope you get out of the heat soon.

  5. We will be traveling East next month, i think we will be searching out Passport America's and Escapee discount parks. Overnight air conditioning is a must for Craig.

  6. What a beautiful building! Strange in a small town that seems to be closing up businesses that they would spend the money restoring the railroad depot. Unless it was done a while ago. Super windy here at Elephant Butte today, too.


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