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Monday, May 12, 2014


Tuesday May 12, 2014

Waiting for I-25 to clear up.  WYDOT states "no unnecessary travel" and "black ice" on some of the roadways early this morning. Freezing temps and high winds don't help with the snow removal. I have also checked the webcams for I-25.

I always check the state sites to see if I can sign up for alerts.  So far, I am receiving text alerts from Colorado and Wyoming.  You can set up an account online (free) and choose what type of alerts you want to receive.

Today it is sunny with grey skies in Fort Collins, CO.  I walked around this morning and took a few pictures.  It is not too bad here. No snow on the roadways in the park.

Cleaning the snow off the RV roof
When I emptied my house back in 2011,
I did stow away a long snow brush in the RV - just in case.

I am so glad I purchased a heated water hose
in 2012 before I started my job at Mesa Verde.
I don't have to worry about leaving the faucet running in the RV.
 Or trying to decide if I should unhook the hose.
(Amazon link for heated water hose on sidebar)

We are supposed to have below freezing temps tonight.  It will probably be close to the 11:00 am checkout time before I leave tomorrow, giving the sun time to warm things up. Sunny skies are predicted for tomorrow and I am hoping that the roads will be in better shape. The plan is to drive only 227 miles to Casper, so I do not need to leave at the crack of dawn. 


  1. Welcome to spring in the Rockies. Continued safe travels.

  2. I sure hope it warms up and the roads clear for you! Good thing you kept that snow brush. I hope you have a good trip tomorrow!

  3. Hope your travels to Casper tomorrow are on good roads and in good weather. That snow looks way too cold for me!

  4. I didn't know there was such a thing as a heated hose, I like that idea of course I have no need for one at this time maybe by next year I will.

    Hope the roads are nice and dry for you drive tomorrow.

  5. Just curious. How long have you used this heated hose? I have to replace water hose about every 6 months but have used the same heat tape for almost 10 years.

    Be safe out there. We'll be headed back to the North Rim from the South Rim tomorrow and I hope all the snow is melted.


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