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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Winter Storm Warning

Friday, May 9, 2014 / Saturday May 10, 2014

On Friday morning I drove from La Junta, CO to Fort Collins, CO.  I decided not to drive up I-25, instead I followed some of the lesser used roads. There was very little traffic on these roads and only a few towns. A lot of open space, not many buildings, just a few lonely old windmills.

We had a little bit of rain and wind around 6pm on Friday and the temps are dropping. Saturday morning is sunny and cool - the calm before the storm.

I will be in Fort Collins until Tuesday. Looks like things will be clear and warming up then. Its 435 miles from Fort Collins to Cody, hopefully I will be able to check in to my new job, on time, by Wednesday afternoon.

There was a thought on Saturday morning to drive as far as Casper, WY before the storm hits, but there is a chance of wind and rain along the route. I checked the weather for 5 cities between Fort Collins and Casper and decided to just hang out in Fort Collins until things clear up.

Winter Storm Warning:
A winter storm watch remains in effect from Sunday morning through late Sunday night.
Total snow accumulations... around one foot possible in the southern Laramie range and 6 to 10 inches possible elsewhere in the watch area. Northeast winds 20 to 30 mph. Visibilities may be reduced to a quarter mile in falling and blowing snow. There is a possibility for roads to be closed due to hazardous winter conditions. 

Seems like this road trip had been all about the wind and weather. It has not been all bad, the scenery along the way has been great and most of the time the skies were a beautiful bright blue. I've explored a few small towns and an historical site.  I had a good relaxing day on Thursday and I plan on walking from the RV park to a Nature Trail on Saturday before the weather changes.

"Sit and Reflect"

I am in a beautiful place to sit and wait out the storm.


  1. Wish there was some way you could share some of that weather with us here in California. We are in a 3 year drought and really could use the rain.

  2. It's always a little nerve wracking isn't it? Be safe, the job will wait for you.

  3. Yep! Better to sit tight and wait it out. I hope it won't be as severe as they are predicting, but it is always better to be safe. I love that rock bench by the lake!

  4. How many hours do you usually drive per day when you are on the move?

    1. Hi Candy, its hard to say how many hours. I try not to do more than 5 hours of actual driving - even less if I can. But I may be out for longer than that, I stop a lot along the way. I stop at rest stops just to sit for awhile, maybe check the maps, stretch my legs. If I drive through a small town or past a historical site, I may stop again for awhile. So a 4-5 hour drive can stretch to 8 or more hours.

  5. Gotta love the winter storm warnings in May! I guess they're better than tornado warnings though.

  6. What a nice place to sit and wait out the bad weather. Yes better to be safe and secure. You'll get there.
    Happy Mothers Day


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