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Friday, May 9, 2014

Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site

Thursday - May 8, 2014

No early start today.
The weather is nice in SE Colorado, why not just stay around here.

I was getting tired of looking at weather reports,
 checking maps and worrying about which way to go.
I didn't want to rush around - trying to outrun the weather again.
What's the rush.
I have plenty of time to make it to Cody by May 14th.
 I still have 6 more days to drive 650 miles.

This map shows that most of Colorado and Wyoming
will have rain or storms or light snow on Thursday.

Today I visited Bent's Old Fort near La Junta, CO and drove a total of 66 miles.

The Spirit of a Place
From the fort's Council Room to the tepees on the plains, peace was pursued as good business practice. Even the fort's plaza, functioned not only as a center of trade, but as the center of a diverse frontier community. When the Cheyenne danced, with onlookers encircling the plaza, it became a spiritual center.

Peace, Serenity & Wealth
At Bent's Fort everyone worked to keep the fort running and make it successful as a commercial enterprise. For some the fort was home, for others it was a welcome respite from the rigors of the Santa Fe Trail.  After enduring trail hardships, visitors came face-to-face with a fort brimming with the trappings of society. Tables, chairs, tablecloths, plates, silverware, chandeliers, glass window panels, musical instruments, billiards, plentiful dry goods and liquor - each item was calculated to impress, each element set Bent, St. Vrain & Company apart.  With all the gambling, dancing and toasting, Theodore Davis wrote that Bent's Fort was "the very merriest of all the trading posts on the frontier".

Visitors can hike a mile and a half trail that winds its way through the cottonwood trees alongside the Arkansas River. The marsh is home to several species of birds.

Looks like a beautiful day to be outside.

The weather was so nice at the fort that I programmed my GPS for an RV park 2 hours north.  I drove away from the fort and when I made a turn, I was confronted with big dark skies and decided not to continue north. In just a few minutes I was at an RV park in La Junta, CO. The thunder and rain started soon after I pulled into the RV park.

The weather looks good for traveling Friday morning, with more rain Friday evening and into Saturday. I will probably head north and drive a few hours on Friday morning.  Not to sure when I will make it into Wyoming. 

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  1. I like the old fort. It looks like it has been well preserved. And chickens too! I read on a blog from someone in Denver that they expecting snow on Sunday!


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