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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Familiar Camping Spot

First stop Wednesday morning was a city park overlooking the Mississippi River. I was sitting on a small stone fence looking out over the river and a small critter at the edge of the forest was looking at me. I was hoping it would come a little bit closer, for a better picture, but it ran away into the woods.

While I am not looking forward to the work that is ahead of me, work at the house and tax and accounting work, it was comforting to be driving in my home state. I don't need the GPS, I am familiar with the highway numbers and I pretty much know where I am and how to get where I want to be. I have traveled quite a bit in Illinois to many small towns, staying at camping cabins or other small resorts and traveling to antique stores and flea markets. 

I decided to take my time Wednesday. I stopped at several places, primitive stores, quilt shops, antique shoppes and thrift stores. I was enjoying my drive down the back roads, mostly just window shopping, not too much that I need to buy.

The campground I stayed at Tuesday night reminded me of the campground in Marseilles, IL. I changed my plans, again, and decided to camp in Marseilles on Wednesday before heading for home.

In 1990, this was the view we had from our 32' Travel Trailer at Whispering Pines Campground (new owners-new name: Four Star Campground).
We paid an annual fee to have the trailer parked here. The sites were metered and we had to pay for electric, also. The water was shut off  to the site in the winter, the camp store bathroom was open all year. We never went to the campground in the winter. It was a nice weekend getaway. We owned it for about 5 years, 1990 to 1995, I think.
This is the RV that is parked at the spot now. The new owners have opened up the space behind this spot and added more seasonal and daily sites. 

I will be back here camping this summer, it is about 1 1/2 hours from my house and I have friends that still rent a site here. I may be back to this campground next week - after the 4th of July holiday.

I'm back at my house now - opening mail, doing laundry and making lists of what needs to be done. And planning my next trip........... 


  1. Looks like a nice get away location.

  2. If your not on a trip, planning is the next best thing!

  3. Nice trip. Welcome to your current temporary home. I like to plan as much as travel too.

  4. I think you had a wonderful trip. did the cat ever settle down?
    I was having the same trouble commenting, and I also couldnt even do a blog on my own site, and tried your google chome it didn't work until Hermit said to shut down.I can be just a dummy sometimes.
    Glad your home and ready to plan your next adventure.

  5. nice to be back in your home state!..welcome back!!

  6. Teri, thanks for all the great updates and details of your travel adventures. I thoroughly enjoy them.
    Enjoy your time at home and happy planning!:)

  7. Four Star Campground looks like a beautiful spot to relax.


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