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Sunday, June 5, 2011

South Padre Island

THANK YOU! to everyone for the advice about the air conditioner. You confirmed my instincts that it's not a good idea to use 15 amp to cool down the coach.  I asked the guys who told me the 15 amp may work -  Why is the coach built with 30 amp then? No one had an answer.  My daughter really wanted me to stay at the beach house with everyone, but I am only a few miles down the road and I am borrowing Jessie's car to go back and forth to the campground.

Although I have walked along the shore in the past, Saturday was the first time in my life that I swam in an ocean. I don't know if anyone took pictures of me bobbing around. If was fun to have the waves push me around in the water. A few strong waves knocked me down and I was not fast enough to get up so I stretched out my legs and let the waves push me closer to shore.

I had one of the beach house keys on my wrist and one of the strong waves knocked it off my arm and took the key out to sea.  The property manager was very understanding when we called her and she came and gave us another key.

On Sunday some of the group are taking surfing lessons, I can take pictures or participate, not sure what I will do. On Monday all of the guys are going out deep sea fishing.  On Monday morning I am going horseback riding on the beach with Diane & Becky.


June 5th, Happy Birthday to Karl!
Collin & Karl


  1. Seems like you all are having a great time. Horse back riding on the beach! That sounds fantastic.

  2. Deep sea fishing sounds like more fun than surfing to me. I do like going to the beach but am not much at swimming in the ocean. Horse back riding sounds good. Have fun.

  3. I Love S. Padre. My sisters have places on Long Island village in Port Isabel just before the Causeway. What Fun! Looks like Tatts are big. I only have a small one, but am so glad I have it. My 41st B'Day present to myself.

  4. It's hard to believe that you never swam in the ocean before. Isn't it wonderful that you can still experience "Firsts"?

    I'm looking forward to my trip down that way at the end of the year and I'm surely going to do the horseback riding on the beach. Sounds great.

    Look forward to your posts.

  5. now horseback riding on the beach?..sounds fantastic!..can't wait to read your next post!

  6. I enjoyed the horse back ride I took a few years back on S. Padre. Had trouble getting those legs back together at the end of it though. :)

  7. I like the umbrellas in your first picture. I took me a bit to realize that they're beach umbrellas and not the kind we have up here in Seattle!! Sounds like you're having a great time. Swimming in the ocean sounds wonderful. Have fun!!

  8. You guys are doing some really fun things! I've never been much of a water person, I'd rather be NEAR it, or ON it than IN it, but I remember playing in the Pacific ocean as a teenager, and it was fun. Horseback riding on the beach? That will be so great! Can't wait to hear how it went! :)


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