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Monday, June 27, 2011

NW Arkansas Day 2

Wednesday June 22, 2011

I continued driving North on Hwy 71. I stopped at the Visitors Center in downtown Fayetteville and walked around the area. This is a college town and there were a lot of restaurants and some shops, the items in the shops were very expensive.

I then stopped at Petco on the northern end of Fayetteville. I love it when I can go to a companies website and find out where the nearest store is located. I needed some cat food, and knew that Petco carried the brand "BLUE" that I wanted.

Continuing on Hwy 71 it becomes a scenic byway. It's a very hilly and curvy road but the speed limits are lower so it is a pleasure to drive without anyone speeding around. On some of the curves and when going downhill the speed limit is 25mph or less.

This area reminded me of the Smoky Mountains with a blue gray misty look to the mountains.

There is a turnout at "Artists Point" and an Art Center/gift shop. I didn't stop to take pictures because it was not well marked and I did not see a place that I could safely pull over. There was a gravel parking space in front of the building, but it didn't seem very large. Once you drive past the building, there really isn't any place to turn around on this narrow curvy road. The way it was mentioned in all of the travel books, I was expecting a larger pullout area.

I turned off Hwy 71 onto Hwy 62 East and stopped at the Pea Ridge National Military Park. There is a museum, theater, bookstore and a 10 mile driving tour around the grounds.

As I was going around the driving route, I thought - this would be a great place to camp (but wondered - would it be haunted). When you reach the top of the hill there is a nice breeze that would be perfect for sleeping with all the windows to the coach open.

My next stop before getting to Eureka Springs was the Blue Spring Heritage Center. This is a private business, they charge a $5.00 fee(less discount coupons) to walk around the gardens and spring. 
Brochure description "Visit this oasis in the Ozarks that nurtured the Cherokee people on the Trail of Tears. Walk under the historic bluff shelter. Allow yourself to connect with the natural beauty that surrounds Blue Spring."
It was a beautiful area and its a shame of the damage caused by a flood of  the White River, some of the walking paths were closed because of damage to the small bridges that would take you to those paths. The owners said many of their plantings were also washed away.  I noticed a greenhouse on the property, near the parking area. They grow many of their own flowers and plants to display around the spring so hopefully they will be able to replant some things this summer.

Next stop - Eureka Springs


  1. It looks like you are seeing some nice places.

  2. That military park looks interesting. Like the photos.

    We feed our dogs BLUE. They seem to like it.

  3. Pea Ridge is a very nice park.

    I really like Eureka Springs. It is so quaint and charming. Beware though the streets are very narrow but there are parking areas and a shuttle. Also if I remember right there is an RV park close enough to catch the shuttle that runs through the historic part of Eureka Springs. There are some very nice shops that have gorgeous jewelry. One of my favorite artist's is Susan Morrison. Her gallery is a must see. She is an excellent wildlife artist. I have four of her prints. You can find more information about her on the web.

    I hope you enjoy Arkansas.

  4. I wish I was traveling around too. I will have to get down to it this winter Iam so ready to hit the road, I love it here but its time to roll the wheels.
    Love your pictures as always.


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