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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

San Luis Pass County Park

June 12 and 13

This park is on West Bay under the toll bridge just west of Galveston Island. The address is in Freeport, TX but if you look at a map its not that far west.

When I first arrived, I wasn't sure if I liked the park. I paid for one night and reserved a 2nd night. After walking around and getting a feel for the layout of the RV park and the rest of the county park, I decided that I liked it here. The RV park is nothing special but the surrounding beaches and Bay area scenery are worth staying longer.
The RV park is actually on a small island, the only way on or off is across a small bridge with a locked gate. You have to enter the security code on the keypad to open the gate.

I took a long walk on Sunday evening all around the bay, it was low tide and I could walk on some of the sand through what would be a marshy area in the morning.
Low tide and the shells were "walking"
What happens to these crabs? Do they die?
There were thousands of shells all around.

I walked all along the shore until I came to the underneath of the Toll Bridge. You can walk under this bridge and be on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. There were a lot of people fishing and using nets under the bridge. I decided to wait until morning to do that walk. I went back the way I came and sat on a bench and watched the birds and the water and all of the fishermen(women). It was dusk and lights came on near the fishing pier, its almost a full moon, and the park was well lit. 

Monday morning I went out walking again.
I went behind the coach to a path
there was a crab pot in the water.

Someone in the campground is having Crab for dinner tonite

I went under the bridge and walked along the shore of the Gulf.

I found some rocks to sit on and relaxed listening to the waves.
I went back to this spot on Monday evening and the water was at least 20 feet away from the rocks at low tide.

A group of school kids had arrived to use the pavilion in the park and I heard the teachers talking about the park buildings being rebuilt after Hurrican Ike. Some of it was just finished last year. The price of RV sites here is high - $35.00 night, but the scenery is great. Maybe the cost is due to the hurricane damage. The park  office has a long porch with swings hanging from the ceiling, I sat for awhile and watched the birds in the Bay before returning to the coach.

It's almost 7pm on Tuesday and I'm getting ready to go for a walk, as much as I like being near the water, it's too hot here this time of year. I can only go walking in the morning and evening. I hate air conditioning and usually turn it off in the evening and open the windows and ceiling vents. I have two more days on Galveston Island and then I'm heading north. Not sure if it will be any cooler  traveling through eastern Texas and Arkansas and Missouri. I'll have to watch out for storms again. After I get things settled at home and have my garage sale, I'll head to Northern Michigan or Wisconsin for awhile. There's a National Park near Lake Superior.


  1. Your pictures reminded me when I was visiting my friend in Boca Raton and walking along the beach. I loved it and I think I need to go find a beach. Are you ready for your garage sale or do you have to sort, price, etc?

  2. Soooo beautiful and peaceful. Glad to know you are able to explore at leisure. must be a great feeling
    of freedom. ENJOY!!

  3. Teri... check out these websites

    These are a couple of the ones I want to stay in when I get to the Texas coast.

  4. Once again you found a great spot to enjoy the water and take some great photos.

  5. Nice to camp so close to the beach. $35/night in a private park is about average from my experience.


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