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Thursday, June 2, 2011

San Antonio Texas

Last night I stayed at an RV Park on Hwy 281 South. Hwy 281 in Texas has dozens of RV parks right on the highway. The park was very neat and clean and nicely landscaped. They had several places for groups to gather and sit by a outdoor fireplace. The website talked about fishing and tubing and paddleboats on the creek, and showed a picture of dozens of turtles and mentioned a turtle viewing area.

The creek was all dried up, why don't these RV park owners update their websites. It is really aggravating when they promote a feature of the park - that is not there anymore.

I drove Hwy 281 South all the way thru Texas, it is not my favorite road to drive on. It needs a lot of work, I saw some areas of repaving, but they are far from done.

This morning I visited Blanco State Park, also on Hwy 281. I should have stayed there last nite, I did not know I was so close. I did not have a large Texas map, I only have a road atlas, and it does not show a lot of detail. I did not see any tourist areas along the way to pick up a map. I asked at the State Park and they did not have any maps, either.  At the State Park, I did pick up a guide to all of the State Parks in Texas, I will be staying at some of these parks after my family vacation in South Padre.

pictures from Blanco State Park
The Blanco River is very clear and clean

I have a harness & leash for KitKat
but she fights to get out of it.
I had to keep her in the carrier
when we sat outside at the park.

Today, I am staying in an RV Park/Mobile Home park near my son-in-laws family's house. I can't park in their driveway because I would have no way to turn on the air conditioner, and with temps nearing 100, I need to keep the coach cool because KitKat is staying in the coach when I am out with family.

When we come back from South Padre, I will spend another one or two days in San Antonio so that I can go to the Riverwalk and Alamo and all of the touristy things.

Tomorrow morning we will drive down to South Padre and stay at the beach for 5 days.


Are there any tricks to getting a GPS to find an address on the frontage road of a highway when the business does not supply a regular address? I wanted to go to Camping World in New Braunfels, TX after leaving Blanco State Park. I had written down directions from Yahoo Maps, but its hard to read these directions while driving. I had memorized some of the key points in the directions. My GPS took me in the same general area, but then I got to a road that had a sign that said clearance 11'5'' - too close for comfort - my coach is not quite that tall but I didn't want to go that way. I pulled over into a parking lot and reprogrammed my GPS to go to the RV Park instead.


  1. Nice that you got to see the second park. Another good reason to post park reviews. Have fun on the island.

  2. Always look for clearance! Better to be safe than sorry.

  3. Hope Kitkat gets used to her new life soon. Is she doing better inside the coach? Hope you enjoy San's been many years since we have been there but the Riverwalk was one of my favorite places.

  4. thanks for sharing your photos and the trip so far.
    As for the GPS I don't have to patience to go into all the things its suposed to do. Can you put in the business name and town?

  5. Wow, traveling with a cat in a vehicle. I took my cat and dog to Tucson and my cat was a nightmare. He wanted under my foot...the one on the gas pedal!! We finally put him in the fifth wheel and we were all much happier, him included.


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