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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Texas State Parks

From the beach to the forest.................

After the ferry crossing, I headed east on the Bolivar Peninsula along the Gulf, lots and lots of uncrowded beaches. Then I turned North along the eastern edge of Texas.

Thursday and Friday nights I stayed at the William Dies, Jr. Texas State Park. On Thursday, I walked the 1.2 mile Nature Trail

and on Friday morning I walked the 2.2 mile Slough Trail.

It's been very hot - at or near 100* everyday. In the evening I walked to the boat ramp and fishing pier to take sunset pictures.

During the hot afternoons, I have been working on my scrapbook/collage pages of pictures, words and phrases cut out of all of the brochures and maps I have been picking up along the way. I was able to get rid of a large pile of these brochures and filled a few pages in my scrapbook. Diane and Karl gave me a really nice journal to keep notes about this journey, but since I am blogging, I am using this journal as a scrapbook, instead.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The distance between the State Parks I was staying at was less than 200 miles. Saturday morning was a good driving day, I didn't have to rush and I made several stops along the way. The first stop was a Farmers Market where I bought some tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, yellow squash and blueberry jam.

Then I stopped in the town of San Augustine - went to the Mission Dolores Museum (free admission) and the El Camino Visitors Center.
St. Augustine Church
I also walked around the town center, stopping at a few stores and buying some homemade tamales (13 for $12.00).
A few miles later, I stopped for gas at a truck stop and pulled over to a vacant spot and had some tamales for lunch.

When I arrived at Atlanta State Park on Lake Wright Patman it was 102*.  There are several trails here but it was too hot for a long walk. I took a short walk around to see where everything was and then at sunset I took another short walk to the lake and the overlook.

On Sunday I head into Arkansas, I'll be traveling along the western edge of Arkansas, very close to Oklahoma.


  1. Beautiful sunset picture! I'm not sure I would like the heat. I would rather put an extra sweater on than sweat.

  2. great pictures..and yes, you are right..a blog is a great 'scrapbook'!!

  3. you sure are covering a lot of ground. The heat makes me think of Tucson and I am glad to be up here in the mountains. Your pictures are great but the last one is really great that sun set over the water is cool.

  4. That's way too warm for me.
    You're a natural at this RV lifestyle.

  5. I use to work for Texas Parks and Wildlife and loved the big thicket region of Texas


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