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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

City Marina & City Park in Port Aransas

I took advantage of the bus/trolley here in Port Aransas and went to the City Marina and City Park this afternoon.. I was looking for dolphins.  I could see them jumping out of the water (not very high) and moving around.  I was too far away to get good photos. In these first two photos (click to enlarge) you may see a fin or two. It's at times like this that I think I want a better camera, but I really don't like to carry a lot of things when I am walking around. It is tempting to order a camera with a zoom lens.

The park is nicely landscaped with a lot of benches and a few small shade pavilions.  I walked along the concrete bulkhead and through the park and near the ferry crossing.

I stopped at the Visitor Center and then walked over to an RV park to check it out (I did not like it and was glad that I did not make a reservation). The pictures on the website are of many trees and grassy areas.  It was very clean, and the people seemed friendly, but it was basically a parking lot and they raised their prices for January through March and their website does not show these higher prices. The only positive thing about this park is that it is very close to the boat docks, and I would like to go on one of the "Sunset Cruises" and be able to walk back to my RV afterward. I will probably just go on a morning or afternoon "dolphin" viewing boat ride, instead. 

I walked around for awhile, did not go into any of the gift shops, stopped at the grocery store and then back on the bus to go back home.


  1. Oh go on a sunset cruise if at all possible. They are so neat! Calm & etherial.

  2. Good idea to take public transportation. :)

  3. nice day you had down at the marina!!!..I vote for the sunset cruise too!!!

  4. Beautiful photos. They brought back memories. My uncle used to be sheriff of Port Aransas many years ago. A sunset cruise sounds wonderful.

  5. So nice ... sniff ... miss it. I have a video that's 30 minutes and can't get it on my computer... Only the smaller ones. Going tomorrow evening to the Apple Store... gotta be a way.. YouTube is not cooperating ... says unauthorized password and user... are not! ;)

    The sunrise and sunset at the beach --- down by Marker 19 is soooooo pretty.

  6. Those last 4 pictures are awesome!! Love the sailboat one with the beautiful water. I can imagine it gently rocking the boat.


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