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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Trivia Answer


info from
Guadalupe Peak, TX

I posted the trivia
 (see yesterday's blog post)
 because I was surprised by the facts.
Most of the mountains are in the far west area of Texas
and the Big Bend Area.

The website stated 91 mountains over a mile high,
Denver is a mile high and does not have any mountains in town.
So, I think its kind of a trick question.

The King Ranch in South Texas
is larger than the state of Rhode Island

Texas Motto: Friendship

Texas: from the Caddo Indian word
"Tejas" meaning
those who are friends

Official state sport: Rodeo

Largest State Capitol (Austin)
constructed of 15,000 carloads of
Pink Granite

All of today's pictures are from
 various sites on the internet.


  1. Ii've driven across Texas a couple of times, you sure fooled me with the mountains.

  2. Would be interesting to find out where each web site got their information on coastline.

  3. Yahooie Louie! Looks like I guessed correctly. Seems like Texas has been my second home the last six years. It's size is enough to boggle the mind.

  4. I drove across Texas twice. It sure is a big State.
    Great info Teri

  5. Hm, I didn't think Texas would have those mountains! Drove across it a few times, feels like you are stuck in that state forever!

    I am featuring a My Memories Scrapbook Software giveaway on my blog! Love for you to enter!

  6. Brownsville, TX to Texline, TX Via US-83 N

    14 hrs 41 mins / 914.57 miles

    Orange, TX to El Paso, TX Via I-10 W

    12 hrs 28 mins / 856.80 miles


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