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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pretty in Pink

picture from Texas State Parks website

When I made a reservation at this RV park, I asked for a corner site.  With my rig being at least 10' shorter than most of the rigs in this park, I didn't want to be sandwiched between two of them.

Woo-hoo!  They gave me a corner site. 
I keep the blinds closed on the side facing my neighbor
 and don't even notice they are there.
Odd, they have no windows on the side that faces my RV.

From my windshield I can see the duck pond and "nature area" described in the parks brochure.  I can also sit at the dinette or outside at the picnic table and look out over the pond.

Up until today, the only birds I saw were ducks and coots and on the grass there are starling's, grackles and pigeons. Pigeons?? I thought that was a bit strange, there is a whole flock of them that mingle with the ducks on the grass. 

Anyway, today around 4pm, I glanced outside and saw something pink.  A pair of Roseate Spoonbills were enjoying the water and flapping their wings to dry their feathers.

I went outside to take pictures and scared them away.  I did manage a short video clip, you can only see the pink color at the very beginning.  I hope they return to the pond.

My windshield also faces the west, for a fantastic view of the sunset.


  1. who doesn't love to see spoonbills...

  2. I always enjoy seeing spoonbills. They're such specialists.

  3. I watched your video on You Tube to get a bigger image. Would sure like to see something like that. What a beautiful bird.

  4. Beautiful, Teri... did I miss where you are? I looked back a bit... beautiful...

  5. You never fail to find the most beautiful places to park. Great pictures

  6. It's all about view and location. And from your video looks like you got both. I keep a compass handy to point my windows toward sunset. Hope the spoonbill returns.

  7. Oh lucky you to have seen them!! I'm impressed! Where are you now? Once when I was driving from Dickinson (Galveston county) to Beaumont, I saw Flamingos flying overhead! That was awesome, but no way to grab a camera while driving, so I missed a photo op. I'll never forget it though!

  8. How gorgeous. I would love to see that outside my window. Lucky you getting a nice corner site.

  9. and that sky looks amazing! That rv parked next to you looks they ever come out of it? Seems like the people that have those kind park and you never see them outside...

  10. Yours is the second blog I've been following that the followee is on the Texas Gulf Coast. I so want to join you! But, I'm stuck in Arizona for at least 6-9 more months.


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