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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dad

January 2nd

80th Birthday!

On Sunday my sisters and brothers hosted a birthday party, in Chicago, for my Dad. 

I went through my computer and found some pictures to share with you.
Diane - DAD - Teri
Colorado October 2010

Stump and my Dad
deep frying Turkey at one of
our famous Backyard parties

My Dad was a Cook in the Navy on the aircraft carrier "USS Valley Forge".

Cooking at home, also
Apartment in Maryland, (1955?)
My Mom was lucky, Dad did most of the cooking.

Early 80's
Diane , Stump, DAD and me
probably at a lake in Indiana
Dad would cook breakfast, lunch and dinner on a charcoal grill
We didn't camp overnite, just got there real early and came home late.

Mom and Dad  May 28, 2005
at Diane and Karl's wedding

Seems like life revolves around Food,
we always seem to be blogging about it.

Happy Birthday DAD

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  1. Congratulations, your family is pretty neat. My Dad was a cook on a ship back then, too. Happy Birthday to your Dad. Enjoy your family.

  2. What a nice post, and tribute to your dad on his birthday! I don't remember my dad ever cooking, your mom was a lucky woman! It looks like you family had a lot of fun together. :)

  3. Happy Birthday to your dad! My dad was in the Navy too. He was a boiler fireman, however. My dad's specialty was breakfast at 2:00 am when we kids would be coming in from partying. Not sure how many he ate before we got home but breakfast was always in progress!

  4. It would have been my dad's birthday today, too. He was born in 1916 and died in 1983. Enjoy your dad and happy birthday to all the dads!

  5. Just responded to your comment on my blog ;) ... as I said I was here at your blog reading some of your older posts ... Kindred Spirits was what I was reading when I saw your comment pop up ;)

    I wish I had had a relationship with my Dad... Happy Birthday to yours!

  6. Happy Birthday to your Dad!!..may he have many more ones to celebrate!!

  7. Happy Birthday to your dad.
    Nice tribute. We used to go picnicing on Sundays in NJ. My grandmother would cook spaghetti sauce on the grill and the spagehetti too. Those were the days.
    Thanks for stirring up that memory Teri :)


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