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Friday, January 27, 2012

Travel Trivia

What one state has.....

91 mountains over a mile high

624 miles of coastline

4,959 square miles of inland lakes

22 million acres of forests and woodlands

75% known American bird species

Over 900 golf courses

It's the land of blue skies
and blue jeans.


  1. California - all those golf courses.

  2. I would vote for California. Texas doesn't have many mountains does it?

  3. I would say California too, but California has 840 miles of coastline according to the chart on Infoplease. What was interesting on that chart was Louisiana has more coastline than Texas.

  4. Must be Texas with all those miles of coastline, but I sure would not have guessed about the mountains.

  5. My bet is California. They've got the Sierras and the Texas coastline isn't that long really. It's bordered by Mexico on the Southwest and Louisiana (is it?) on the East. California's coast goes on forever.


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