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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Salty Duck

Blogging friends over at the  Good Luck Duck asked me if I wanted to meet for coffee. We decided to meet this morning at their RV, they are parked on the beach.

This morning I headed over to the beach near the South Jetty. It was a warm, foggy day. The sun came out for a little while in the afternoon, but it didn't last long before the fog started coming back.

Parking/camping/boondocking on the beach is free with a $12 annual beach permit, but I wonder if being that close to the waves and the salty air is such a good idea. The Duck is covered in salt.

I met Annie and Roxanne and their friend Chris at the RV. We sat around and talked over coffee and then went to lunch at a little cafe  on Beach Street.
Chris - Roxanne - Annie

I enjoyed talking with others that "get it": Kindred Spirits. We have many of the same ideas about downsizing and travel, lifestyle changes, etc. You feel like you already know someone from reading their blog. Chris said she has a blog but hasn't posted anything to it in a long time, she may try to start it up again.

After lunch, I walked along the beach and then to the grocery store and took the Port A bus back to my RV.

Island life is relaxing, but I think that in February I will start heading towards Tucson. I will take my time going through Texas and New Mexico and may not get there until March. I want to go to Lazy Days RV Center in Tucson to have some remodeling work done inside the coach. I had the ideas for the remodeling from the very beginning, when I purchased the coach. I thought I would have to go back to Florida, then I found out that they opened a shop in Tucson.  I was very happy with the service I received from Lazy Days RV in Florida and feel that they will do a good job at the new location.


  1. Teri, have you read Tioga George's blog When he was first boondocking on the beach in Mexico he had all kinds of problems with corrosion and had to crawl around under his rig spraying with a chemical to keep the rig from rusting out from under him. Also all the bloggers I read that live on the beach in Mexico have problems with the salt air eating up their computers and other electronics.

    Here is my two cents worth; if it were me after I had been on the beach I would find a truck/RV wash and get my rig thoroughly clean to get rid of all the salt before there was any damage.

  2. Yep, we are encrusted. We're heading out tomorrow for a good washin', and then away from the ocean. You'll probably want to bathe, too.

    Great meeting you! You gave me some new ideas about workamping in the future, too.

    See you down the road!


  3. Isn't it fun meeeting like minded people?
    Hope to meet up in March and we are getting quite a few solo RVers here. Hope we can all get together then.
    I stopped at Lazy Days a few weeks ago with my friend Terry who is looking at some class As They are very nice people and have lots of free class and events even if you are not a customer.
    I am going off for a few days tomorrow.

  4. Like attracts like. Nice to meet fellow bloggers. If you work your way north of Tuscon this spring I hope we can hook up. Or maybe you'll visit the Grand Canyon.

  5. Life is short. Live it to the edge. Cool blog.

  6. Yes, the salt air is bad for vehicles of any kind. My old van looks bad because of the salt air. I lived in Galveston county, so could not escape that kind of corrosive element. But I still love it there...It's fun that you met up with the crazy duck crew & Chris!


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