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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ft. Stockton and Pecos

I stopped in Fort Stockton, TX on my way to Balmorhea State Park. I didn't do much in this town. Seems like these towns may be busier in the summer, they have a lot of advertising for things to do in the area. But these small towns never look too busy and a lot of the stores and restaurants are not open.

There is a nice newly remodeled Visitors Center at the old train station, I picked up some information about the town and area. I stopped at a nearby tire center to make sure my tires had the correct air pressure. I have a compressor that is supposed to be heavy duty for RV tires, but it does not work very fast.  I will keep it for emergencies.

near the Visitors Center

I drove through the parking lot for the "Fort", but it didn't look to interesting, so I did not stop.

*   *   *   *   *

After 2 days at Balmorhea State Park, I went to Pecos.

 Pecos Train Station, near the Museum

First thing in Pecos, I picked up my mail and thankfully my Texas Drivers License was in the package. I walked around the downtown area and passed by the museum, but did not go inside, they had some nice exhibits outside in a small park, so I just walked through that area.  I stopped at the Walmart in Pecos, it is very small and does not have any fresh grocery items.

I stayed 2 nights at the Escapees RV Park in Pecos.  It's nothing fancy, but I needed to do laundry and get caught up on paperwork, so it worked out great. There are nice long pull-thru sites near the front, with a covered patio and picnic table between sites. And these sites were very close to the laundry building and office. I think most of the other sites are rented to workers in the area, but it was all kept very neat and clean and was very quiet.

My Sprint Wi-Fi did not work very well at this park. So, I paid the $3.00 fee to hook up to the Escapees "Tengo Internet" provider.

The first day in Pecos, the temperature got up to 90* and then cooled down, the evening temps were perfect for sitting outside watching the moon. The second day was windy and cold. The weather here has been real crazy.

Moon rising 


  1. Teri, the Pecos museum is worth a visit if you have time.

  2. I sometimes had difficulties finding RV parks in W TX that weren't full of workers.

  3. Teri, If you ever make it to Az there is a really nice escapee rv park a mile from us. It is huge and most of them are permament but they do have temp spaces...though really full right now. They had their semi-annual yard sale yesterday...that is always fun for us...pick up some good stuff for our trailers.

  4. Nice look at the little Texas towns. Even though there is not much going on, I prefer them to big cities.


  5. I think that western Texas seems never ending to drive through.

  6. I would love to have gone to visit the train stations. You don't seem as enthusiastic about these places are you are when your near water. Your picture of the rising moon is cool.

  7. So, you're an official Texan now! Y'all drive safely now, y'hear? Didn't you love it when you got into the desert? I wonder where that happens. We noticed it when we stopped in Whitsett. I love being out of the humidity, where I would shower and be mildewed before I got dressed.

    The Good Luck Duck


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