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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trinidad Lake State Park

March 14, 2012
Trinidad Lake State Park

Another state park, this one in Colorado.  A good choice for an overnight stay or longer. Most of the other RV parks in Trinidad are behind motels, near I-25. The State Park is your best choice if you are in this area.

Colorado State Parks are more expensive than Texas or New Mexico.  There is a $7.00 parking fee per vehicle (per day?) unless you buy an annual pass, and the RV site fee was $20,  I paid $27 for one night.

Site #15 is wide and deep,
larger than my backyard in Illinois.
Step a few yards behind the RV for a view of the lake.

I was looking for a trash can in the morning
and the ranger said they had a "BEAR" problem.
The dumpsters were in a locked area behind the ranger station.
No trash cans around the campground.

This is a very large park, only a small portion of the RV sites were open this early in the camping season.  The sites are electric only with a few pull through sites with full-hookups.  Some of the sites are small, originally created for tent camping.  I was originally assigned site #14, but backed into #15 instead.

Site #14 had a very narrow driveway, a long narrow site, there was a pole right at the end of the drive and a deep culvert that had to be crossed over. There were only 3 RV's in the entire campground. I decided to back into site #15 instead, if I had someone directing me, I probably could have backed into #14. I called the ranger station and told them to change my site number, no problem with this. The sites are all irregular in shape.

After I was set up, I went for a walk on 2 of the trails to see more of the park and the lake, the campground is on a high bluff over the lake.  You can drive or walk around to the fishing area if you want to spend some time closer to the water. There is a large day use area with an amphitheater and many covered pavilions.

Trinidad Lake (iPhone video)

The End!


  1. Looks like a nice place to be... we've been up and down I25 several times, but never stopped there. I'm terrible at backing up... good thing you do it well! Bears, hmmm? I'd have my game camera out to check that out!

  2. Good job on the video and I enjoyed the pictures.

  3. Very nice pictures and description of the park. I guess if you are in Colorado for a while, like Texas, it would pay to have their annual pass depending on how much it costs.

    In Florida the State Parks are wonderful but also expensive. It's not the park fee, you don't have to pay that if you camp, it's the taxes AND the cost to reserve them on ReserveAmerica which you have to do if you want to stay longer than a day or two in most parks during the winter months or at all in some of them near the gulf or the ocean. But they are all really lovely.


  4. A little pricey but looks to be a gorgeous place.

  5. Enjoyed your post and photos today.

  6. I tried uploading a video from iPhone... but had to go through YouTube! I think the problem was it was too long... dunno

    But you did it! I'm going to try again! I just recently upgraded from my 3G to 4S - maybe it'll be better ;)

    Pretty pricey place! but very pretty - enjoyed the pictures

  7. Looks like a good camping and hiking place. Here in California there is a town called Trinidad. It is way up on the coast in northern California just before you go into Oregon. My late husband and I used to visit there every year on our vacation.

  8. Wow, I can't believe you are in Colorado already! Neat place, cept I'm scared to death of bears! Yikes!

  9. Pretty park, but I would have to pass, too much $$$. I think most State Parks are too much, I know Texas is!

  10. Looks fantastic! Have a fun time. :)


  11. The sky is so blue, how beautiful. And nice view of the lake to.

    Those fee's are as bad as AZ. But when you need a driving break you need a nice place and you found it.


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