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Saturday, March 24, 2012

"I'm traveling for my job"..........

Check-ups, annual blood test, doctors appointments, eye test.............

Getting records transferred from Illinois. Lots of forms to fill out............

Mailing address in Texas, currently at my daughters in Colorado.

At the eye doctors office in Colorado......  How do I explain all of this simply?

I just say, "I'm traveling for my job".  Easier for others to understand than to say "I live in my RV".

I talk about getting ready to start a job at a National Park, this excites them, makes them curious, and the conversation flows easier.

I think, that if I just talked about "living in my RV", they would be uncomfortable, maybe....they are thinking I am homeless.

I have a home, it has wheels.

Oh well, I LOVE MY LIFE, and have learned how to "read" others and adjust - so as not to scare them away from me.

A side note to all of this:  Before I leave any medical office, I ask for a copy of all the notes and tests or whatever they have created.  I carry this with me, makes life easier when I have to stop at another office along the way.

And another thing:  Thank you to the form creators  -  that have made a status box *widowed*.  I am not "single" by choice, and do not like to check that box. Not all forms have this, please remember this if you are in charge of creating or changing these forms.


  1. Good post, Teri. I'll look forwarad to reading about your adventures in the national park!

  2. Teri, for what it's worth, when I tell folks I'm a full time RVer I'm usually met with curiosity and what I perceive to be just a touch of envy. We live a special life and most people seem curious.

  3. We camp hosted at Assateague National Seashore Park near Ocean City, Md for 2 months and it was great...Have fun volunteering and we will check in on you as the adventure continues!!

  4. You are so brave to live the way you are living. I'm afraid to even drive 450 miles to northern California alone to visit my brother. You must be a lot stronger than I am. I agree about the forms. I AM NOT SINGLE! I AM A WIDOW! In my heart and in my mind, I am STILL married to my Ben and I always will be until the day I die.

  5. Good post. People do look at me oddly too when I tell them I live in a motorhome. I love living in an RV. But maybe one that was bigger & in better condition would be a little better ;-) (mine that is, not yours!)

  6. We've dealt with this a lot... right now we're Ohio residents... with a Texas mailing address... but that isn't where we live. We say what needs to be said... the rest really isn't anybody's business. We've found that over the years our lifestyle really isn't bizarre... nor even out of the ordinary... I don't think people (companies) really care anymore as long as they get paid.... glad you request copies of your medical reports... I hope you keep a spread sheet of all that so over the years you can track your glucose, cholesteral, BP, TSH, or whatever. You are the one who needs to be responsible for all this as most doctors seem to just read the current results and don't relate to what you were a year or 2 or 3 years ago. We're looking forward to your reports on your next "assignment".

  7. Hi Teri,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I am so glad you did, as I've enjoyed this post and I'm now going to go back a few to get to know you a bit better. I am purely envious that you are living in your motorhome and volunteering at National Parks. It sounds wonderful to me.

    Happy trails!

  8. Hi Teri,
    I agree with you on the widow box. I'm widowed also, single, but not by choice. Sometimes people just don't understand there is a difference.

  9. Good answer. Most people just don't understand a home on wheels. Glad to hear you made it safely to daughters.

  10. I got where I didn't even try to explain, I just said I'm from Texas! These people here at the "home" have no clue what RV's are, and can't imagine an old lady handling a 37ft fifth wheel!

  11. Yeah, me either... I don't explain - I just say I'm a full time RVer. I'm usually met with envy.

    I certainly don't tell them I'm in my van... I did that once and the expressions went to HI! to go away... HAhaaa

    whatever.... I have a home and a 5th wheel but I travel in my Honda Odyssey... ol Homer and we're about to set sail ...

    Great post, Teri! You sound sooooooo much better than you did months back... great ;)

  12. I too prefer the 'widowed' box! I don't feel single at all! I think I would like to 'travel for work' someday :) Also, I left you a little comment over on my blog!

  13. I have a question, why mark the single box? I'm afraid if Hubby goes before me I will still be marking the married box. But I'm contrary like that.


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