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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Free eBooks

I had loaded two boxes of books into my RV last month and never looked at even one of them during my 33 day trip.

I had enough to read with all of the free info that I picked up at visitors centers.....  some of the brochures give you the history of a place or town and are very interesting.

I listed many of the books on Amazon yesterday, I have already sold 3 books.

I have decided to limit the number of books I carry around. 
I will pick up used bookand trade them or donate them when I am finished. I have to try and limit myself to one book at a time.

Not sure why I have this obsession to have every book ever printed.  I also have an E-reader (Liberati)  and have dowloaded the Kindle app to my netbook.

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If you are an artsy, crafty type of person
you may be interested in this.

Received an email today about some free eBooks
and thought I would pass on the information.

Of course, you have to give them your email...
so you will get advertising from them.

Nothing is free.

eBooks about
quilting, drawing, beading
sewing, collage,
spinning wheels, knitting and crochet


  1. I have a problem of carrying a Lot of books, mostly for reference, some for work and some for play. Maybe someday I'll go electronic and lighten the load. It's a good thing to reduce weight.

  2. I haven't been to bad about taking to many books but I do understand. I also find that most camp ground and RV Parks have books to take and swap. Of course its hard to find history books. I usually will bring my camping mags along to read.


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