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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Walk

I was driving home a few days ago and took a slight detour and ended up at a library in a neighboring town. I was not sure why I was stopping there. When I went inside I decided to look at the RV books, I wanted to read about 12V systems. I have always stopped at campgrounds that have an electric hookup. Someday I may want to boondock or park somewhere without hookups.  The only RV book they had was more than 10 years old.

I decided to take a look at the "new books" shelf.

One book stood out. "Miles to Go" by Richard Paul Evans. I read the description and it sounded a little like my life. It is the 2nd book in a series, so I looked on the shelves for the 1st book, "The Walk".  I took the books home.

I have already finished reading both books. I haven't been reading too many books lately, and have never written a book review. These books are about loss and grieving and going out on a journey to start a new life.  The books are novels, but read more like a parable.

Of course, there will be more books in the series, the next one is not due out until April 2012.

As I was reading, I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue - I felt like I was being used by mass media advertising, and the author/publisher was playing with my mind, by dragging out the story into a series of books. On the other hand, I enjoyed reading the story and could relate to a lot of what was written.

Then I was thinking, I just spent 2 days reading. I have so many other things that need to get done if I am going to head south in a few months.  Am I just procrastinating, or do I need this time to relax.
I did get some work done around the house and in the yard. I did take my father shopping and finished some banking and other paperwork, so I guess it was not all reading.  I just have a hard time relaxing and taking time for myself. After the preparation for the garage sale and then the garage sale - you would think I could relax and enjoy this time to just read.

Some thoughts and phrases from the books:

We plan our lives in long, unbroken stretches
that intersect our dreams,
 the way highways connect the city dots on a road map.
But in the end we learn that life is lived
in the side roads, alleys and detours.

* * * * * 
The best way to heal your own suffering
is by helping to heal someone else's.

* * * * * 
We tell ourselves
that there's always tomorrow,
when we can no more predict tomorrow
than we can the weather.


  1. All three of those book phrases are true & based on good old realistic common sense. My favorite kind of thinking:))

  2. Aren't you about to take some of those side roads, alleys and detours? Time to get on the road, girl! :)

  3. Of course you should take some time to read, if that's what you want. Planning and executing the plan to go out on the road can be stressful, and taking a little time out is probably healthy. You'll still get everything done, and like Judy said, then you'll be taking those side roads, alleys and detours. :)

  4. I read every night. We don't watch TV.

  5. You have worked very hard lately on getting ready for this new chapter in your life. Take a little time to relax or you will burn out before you get started. Like they say take time to smell the roses or coffee which ever you prefer. Another great place to find RV books of all kinds is Amazon or one of those used books on line.

  6. nothin' wrong with getting lost in a book for a while!!..enjoy!!

  7. I will have to look these books up. Thanks for posting them...

    I am looking forward to reading about YOUR detours, and alleys...

  8. From these quotes it doesn't seem like you are wasting your time at all! I found after I quit work the hardest thing to do was relax and not feel guilty about takes about a year to realize it is not against the law to not work!...It will be a little more easier when you sell your house and only have your rv...hard to keep both things going. I am reading a good little book right now..Twelve by Twelve..a one-room cabin off the grid & beyond the American dream...the main quote is "Don't"...I love it!

  9. Any sage quotes from the 12V electrical books? :-)


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