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Thursday, July 28, 2011


I have a small collection of souvenir magnets. I want to display them in the coach. I was trying to find some tiles or a sheet of metal to attach to the wall between the kitchen wall cabinets and counter.

I came across "magnetic paint primer" while searching the web. There are several manufacturers. The instructions say to paint 2-3 light coats and then paint over it with the color of your choice. There is also a company that sells a powder that you add to your own primer. I found a forum, and the question was asked "What if you don't want the magnetic walls anymore?". An employee of one of the manufacturers said to put up wallpaper first and to apply the magnetic primer to the wallpaper. You could then strip off the wallpaper to remove the magnetic primer.

The walls in my coach are covered in wallpaper. I am thinking of trying out this paint/primer. 

The websites and forums also talk about hanging lightweight pictures using magnets instead the traditional picture hangers and nails, etc. But, some have mentioned that you can't hang anything real heavy on the walls, but no specific information on what is considered "heavy".  

I'm also thinking about doing the wall across from the kitchen cabinets with this magnetic paint. I want to duplicate parts of my "memory wall".  I am really concerned about putting nail holes in the walls of the coach and I am thinking that the magnets would be a good solution.

read that the surface of the wall will be textured and can be sanded before you apply your top coat of regular paint. I'm thinking the magnets would adhere better to a smoother wall. 

I think I will buy some of this primer and experiment on the drywall in my garage. I may even hang a strip of wallpaper in the garage and paint over it to see what it looks like and make sure it will adhere to wallpaper.

Has anyone heard of this product? Or used it?


  1. I've never heard of this product but it sounds interesting. I collect little magnets so will be watching your blog to see how this works.

    My sister painted over some wall paper in her house (regular paint) and it loosened the wallpaper and made it start peeling away from the wall. She ended up having to strip it all off and start over with the paint. Good idea to try it in the garage first. Keep us informed!

  2. I've heard of the product. Never tried it though. I did paint over wallpaper in a friend's bathroom. It wrinkled at first, but as the paint dried it all smoothed out just fine. Sounds like a good plan to me. Keep us posted.

  3. Never heard of that product, but if you want to hang some pictures consider using industrial strength velcro. That's what I use. No holes in the wall. This rig came with two pretty ugly wall hangings that happen to be made out of metal, so I cover them with my magnets from places I've been. :)

  4. good luck with the magnetic paint..sounds interesting..velcro gets my vote though..or those litle white hooks with the stickers on the back that just pull off when you are done with them...they work great for lightweight pictures and such!

  5. At home I had a small white board that was magnetized. I could write on it with a white board felt pen, or put magnets on it. I used it to stick notes under the magnets. I think I'd get something like that and use the velcro strips to hang it up. Or a couple of the velcro hooks. I love those. Less work, and easily taken down.

  6. Hobby Lobby or Michaels craft stores have the magnetic stuff for your project. Do not put holes in your Rig's walls. There is a great stuff at Wal Mart for hanging just about anything, called Handi Tak. looks like clay, but you work it until it is soft, and it will hold just about any thing, easy to remove. The yellow is the best. Command hooks are good also. I used a lot of those in my fifth wheel.

  7. Roadrunner is correct, the yellow stuff works the best. And I live in the heat or at least my couch does and the stuff is still stuck to the wall. I even put a small shelf in the corner and I use the clay stuff to keep items on the shelf so they don't fall off.

  8. I would be a little leery of that magnetic paint due to the constant jostling of the coach. A stationary wall in a house is one thing but the constant up & down bouncing of the coach makes your wall movable & I would think you would need a very strong magnetic hold to keep things from falling.

  9. I just wanted to tell you that your dragonfly header picture is just gorgeous... did you take this?

    Enjoy your blog very much ;)

  10. Magnetic paint is metal (iron) in suspension in paint. In order to get enough on the wall to hold something like a poster up, you're going to have to put it on reasonably thick. Essentially you will be transforming the walls of the room into a "radio cage." All electromagnetic signals (radio, WiFi, cellphone) will be diminished to some extent by the metal - I definitely would not go that route - There is plenty of good advice already posted by other RV folks - Good Luck !! Moonfly13 (CindyL)

  11. I too would get a dry-erase magnetic board...if nothing else you could prop it up somewhere and then just lay it down when you travel. I personally don't think a few well placed thin nails would hurt anything...after all it is your home and you should have what you enjoy surrounding you.


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