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Thursday, July 14, 2011

TIRED..... and 3 more days to go

Garage Sale  --  an extra night of sales

Last night was a preview night for family and neighbors. Several had asked and I thought "Why Not"?

Sold a lot of stuff last night
Couch, Hutch, Bike, Fireplace
Tools, Books, Rocking Chair,
Outdoor Umbrella, Bench
and More

This morning, the sale was advertised to start at 8am. We closed the gates across the driveway. People were waiting at 6:30. I wish I had taken a picture, they stood at the gate, peering inside, deciding what they wanted, and a few kept asking when they could come into the yard. 

I wasn't ready for them. There were boxes that I needed to look at, maybe personal stuff was in there. We put all of those boxes on the patio to the side of the garage. More sorting to do..........

At 7:45 am we opened the gates.

I can't complain, I am selling lots and lots of stuff, and will be able to buy a lot of gas for the coach.

Just wish I didn't accumulate all of this stuff in the first place.
  Oh well, the past is done...... time to move forward.


  1. I don't think I could do what you are doing. I like my "stuff" and I also like to travel. I like going... but I always like coming home. However, I do admire you for downsizing.

  2. sounds like the sale was a huge success!!!

  3. I wish I could do another one and get rid of more stuff. I'm holding off for now. I mis a few things O got rid of, but not seriously.

  4. Glad it is going so well for you. Hope you sell as much as you can in the next 2 days.
    I remember selling my dads stuff and yes the people will show up 2 hrs before the sale starts.

  5. Yard sale addicts are into the early bird stuff.

    I sold more at the pre-sale to neighbors than the one day I was open with signs.

    Good luck tomorrow.

  6. Once the stuff is gone you will not miss 95% of it it....I am so trying not to buy anything....I want to use my money in a different way travel!


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