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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Memory Wall

Garage Sale..... selling on away to family and friends.....donating to Charities.   All of my stuff going out the door, I'm ok with all of that.

Except for..........

A memory wall in my house, this is the only thing I will miss.  We put the shelves up around 5 years ago. Last year I changed some things and added all of the different things in between the shelves. 

I do have a blank wall in the coach, I am afraid to screw anything into the walls. I will have find an RV shop to have someone attach some small thin shelves, not more than 3" deep. I should be able to duplicate parts of this wall in the RV. I can use super heavy duty velcro to attach things to the shelves or I may have to put away some items when I am moving down the road. I'll remove the glass from the frames and add some photo safe plastic.

I have also created a memory scrapbook. It covers the years 1974 to 2009. Photos, ticket stubs, dried flowers, charms, etc. This book travels with me in the coach, I am still adding to it as I find things in the house. 

Any suggestions for how to attach this stuff to the RV walls?


  1. Most of my wall-hanging stuff comes down when I roll.

  2. nice memory wall!..hard to leave some 'stuff' behind but it is forever in your 'heart'!
    I, too have been afraid to attach things to an RV wall..sure not like a house..hammer in a picture hanger and hang the picture!

  3. Terri, take a nice, high resolution picture of your memory wall. Have it blown up to poster size and mount it on your available wall space in the coach. Just a thought.

  4. I use the 3M sticker hooks for all my hangings as well as heavy duty velcro which works really well to hold up a small lamp in the bedroom.

    It's got to be hard to let all that go. I don't think I could do it.

  5. I took photos of the important things. You can have them on your computer as your desktop and see them every today, or put the photos in your memory book. I like the idea of a high res photo blown up to fit your wall space.
    Be careful of the sticky Velcro, I used that to mount my "Guide," and when I wanted to move it a little, the sticky on the back of the Velcro took off my wood-looking wall paper. I don't want to make any holes in the walls, either.
    If you had some nice photos of each item, you could tape them on the inside of cupboard doors and enjoy them each time you opened the cupboard.

  6. Take pictures and use them as desktop backgrounds on your computer. You can have different folders, and have them show in a random order.
    Or get an electronic photo frame that shows your slide show.

  7. Hey Teri,
    I use the 3M hooks in my coach also, I did nail a few things but really didn't care to. The poster size sounds like a good idea.3M also makes a clay type thing that can really hold things to the wall if they are not very heavy. good luck


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