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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Almost Ready........

Only a few more days until I'm "on the road again".  I'm taking my cat with me this time and I will be traveling for a month, so this should be an interesting trip. I had a route mapped out, been watching the weather reports, trying to avoid rain, may have to change my route. I need to make up my mind soon, because I wanted to make a reservation at a state park for the holiday weekend, I wanted to avoid driving in the holiday traffic.
I checked early this morning, most of the flooding is in Southern IL and MO - and further south - near my original route. More rain is predicted for this entire area all week.  I have decided to change my route and cross the Mississippi in Southern Iowa or Northern  Missouri.
Ladynomads blog showed flooding at campsites at Table Rock Lake.  Is there a central place I can find out about flooded areas, or do I need to contact each states Department of Transportation?
I will be traveling through Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas and maybe a corner of Oklahoma before I get to Texas.      I checked out a few State Park websites and some were updated to include flood and road closings details on the home page of their website, this is very helpful information.

I still have to learn how all of the electrical stuff works. The water and sewer are a lot less complicated than making sure I have enough power for all of the gadgets and toys and for cooking and lights. On the way home from Florida, I had an electric hookup at each campsite, I did not hook up to water and sewer everyday.
I will have to read about the Inverter, vs shore power, vs generator. At a class I attended at LazyDays, they warned about plugging in chargers (for cameras, cell phones, etc) to inverter power, because its not a "pure SineWave". ??? They said a laptop is ok, the cord has that adaptor on it to regulate the power coming in. (I always wondered why laptop cords have that big "brick"). I would like to add solar to the coach - so that I'm not dependent on electrical hookups.
I went to the DMV for my license plates. They were not very helpful, luckily I know how to fill out tax forms. They handed me the application and Use Tax form and said they could not do them.  I had called the SOS office the day before, so I had the tax rates and all of the info I needed. I received a credit for the sales tax paid in Florida.  Their website had an Environmental Plate with a Cardinal on it, they did not have these at the office I went to. I have plain RV plates for now. They expire on December 31st, so I will try to get the Cardinal plates when I get a renewal form in the mail.  Not sure if I want a personalized plate, or to just get a random number when I renew. Do you have "vanity plates" on any of your vehicles?

This weekend I've been busy filling up the cabinets and closets with dishes, food, clothing, electronic gadgets and books. The outside storage bins will have a lawn chair, chair umbrella, cleaning solutions, tool box, extra blankets and an extra water hose, cat litter and jugs of water. When I was first looking at RV's, I didn't think I would be able to take books along, thought I wouldn't have space or they would be too heavy. I have one upper cabinet filled with books, they are mostly travel books.  I found a file folder full of maps and travel brochures in the garage. I will sort through this and find a place for it in the coach.

Also, from the garage is a computer monitor that is also a TV. I originally purchased it for my office, and then later we used it in the garage - hooked up to cable TV. I purchased a wall mount for it today, and have to figure out where in the coach to put it. I like that it can be used as a computer monitor and/or TV. I can use it to watch DVD's for now.
I'll have to get a cable outlet installed on the coach.

The dollar store had some nice fabric bins in a bunch of sizes. I am using them to hold books, clothes and kitchen stuff. I took the coach for a short ride the other day and a lot of things moved around in the cabinets. I'm hoping these bins will keep things corralled. I splurged on a set of Corelle dishes this weekend. I have been trying to find some on sale or at a resale store.  I finally went and bought the design and style that I liked.

"SOLOing consists of
three consecutive takeoffs
and landings"
-unknown author


  1. Looks like your getting all ready, Haven't heard of any flooding from St Louis north on the Mississippi, south of there is where it starts and gets worse the farther south you go you can cross easily at St Louis and then have a choice of I-70, I44,or I-55 to head you in whatever direction you have planned.Lot's of nice state and US highway across Missouri you can jump on from these. Have fun & Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. I can always tell when I'm getting close to Illinois by the number of vanity plates. I think it must be the vanity plate capitol of the world! :)

  3. On the eastern side of Missouri, along route 60, is an out of the way state park that is truly lovely. We traveled there last September, called Johnson Shut In's Well worth seeing.

  4. It is exciting getting ready for a big new adventure. I can say we have met many very nice people camping. I remember once meeting an older couple in VT State camp ground, who said they were on their way to Nova a camper that was surely big enough to live in....they invited us to go along with them, but my husband had to go back to work...That was many years ago, and I still think about them.

    Don't forget you can watch tv (and movies) right on line. Fancast or Hulu are two good sites, and now Amazon also offers free tv and movies. (but you have to be an Amazon member to do that)

    I look forward to reading about your adventures..always stay safe...

  5. We have vanity tags on everything...the truck, the trailer, the motorcycle pull-behind trailer and both motorcycles.

    When I was solo, my Class C and my motorcycle and later my car all had vanity tags.

    Bins are good...I even found some that fit perfectly in my freezer and really helped when I opened the door.

    Here are some links from my old blog that you might find interesting.

  6. This has got to be a very exciting time! If you can't find the right size bins at first, you can stuff some bubble wrap and/or towels into the cupboard to keep things in place. Rolled tee-shirts work too. Crammed full doesn't shift when you drive!

  7. I can hear your excitement about your upcoming trip. It is nice to have the solar option too. With propane, a tank of water and solar, when the sun is shining, you can dry camp for a week. It's worth having. Have fun!

  8. Isn't it fun packing up and filling in the cabinets with dishes. I too use baskets and blastic bins to keep things from sliding around. I bought the ones for silverware for the medicine cabinet they fit perfect and you can safely open the door. My couch had solar in it when I bought it but the panel was not installed properly and it burned up. Replacment is $136. not installed. I don't boondock so Iam not going to replace that anytime soon.
    Just don't forget to bring hornet spray for protection.
    Have fun and stay safe.

  9. I am proud of you! You are doing it!!

  10. Try lining the cupboards and drawers with no-skid.

  11. cant wait to see everything!!! =)


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