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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger Problems

We are all aware of the Blogger problems this week. I remember someone blogging about making a backup.

How do you save your blog files? My last post went back to a draft and was not how I had originally posted it, it was an earlier draft before I made changes.

Some of the comments that were made are also gone.

Just wondering how to handle this in the future. Blogger is really a diary of my life and it would be a shame to lose all of the data.

Recovering from Blogger withdrawal        -Teri


  1. Click on your Dashboard, under Blood Tools click on Export Blog, Download Blog. Rick did a post on this, which probably will be more detailed and user friendly. I save mine every so often, just in case.

    Also, if Blogger is acting weird, I copy/past my post into Word and save it, then do a copy/paste back to blogger and post. That happened yesterday, and I would have lost half my post if I hadn't saved it to Word when I left the house in the middle of it. When I came back home, Blogger was better, and I copied it back and posted. :)

  2. I wrote a blog about backing up:

    As to Blogger and losing as you type, I just keep clicking the SAVE button often. I did try Live Writer a Microsoft freebie, but it had enough quirks that I gave it up. Was good for writing when we were in Alaska on the cruise, wrote and saved then posted when back in the states.

  3. I said if it continued I was going to be a Blogger 12-steps group.

  4. Teri, I also lost a post and a comment from you. It wasn't that Blogger didn't save my post... it saved it and accepted your comment... then dropped both. It did give the message that it was doing some maintenance so I knew it was them and not me that made the error.

  5. Teri, you asked great questions and got great answers from the pro's here. Its nice blogger does house keeping but it isn't nice when they clear all our stuff. Oh well.
    Read your post and like the plan you have for your next trip. Hope the cat likes being on the road with you.


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