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Friday, May 27, 2011

Kit Kat - Day 2

Last night Kit Kat kept getting in and out of bed, I never noticed this type of activity at home. This morning she kept sitting by the doors and crying, I think she wanted to go home. She is an indoor cat, she would occasionally sit on the deck with me. I always had to leave the door open so she could go inside if something scared her while outdoors.

She likes looking out the windows and she thought that sleeping under the drivers seat was a good idea.

I think the problem is that she is missing her 22 hours of daily sleep. All of the movements while driving down the road are disturbing her sleep.
She is currently hidden under blankets asleep on the bed.

When I left home on Thursday, I took an unconventional route that will add several miles to the trip. I did this to avoid the stormy weather in southern Illinois and Missouri. I drove west across Illinois into Iowa and camped last night in West Liberty, Iowa. Tonite I am in Northwest Missouri, I should be crossing into Kansas tomorrow. 

I tried to avoid driving on the Interstate today.  I almost did it, except for 10 miles on I-35, because of a detour. I enjoyed the drive through the countryside. Barns and farmland, horses and cows. I also drove through several Amish communities, sharing the road with horse and buggy.
This buggy was parked behind a gas station???

I also drove along the route of "Barn Quilts" in Washington County, Iowa. There was not a place to pull over and take pictures of the barns. You can see pictures here.

9246-9481 / 235 miles   gas prices $4.06 and $3.79


  1. Thats one advantage of a smaller RV. You can comfortably go on smaller roads and byways. And you don't have to worry about finding a place to turn around!

  2. That looks like an interesting drive. Hope Kit Kat settles down enough to enjoy the experience. Maybe a few more days to get used to things...

  3. hope the kitty learns to love the 'rving lifestyle!!'

  4. How delightful to drive the backroads. Certainly my preference to expressways/freeways. Always more interesting and scenic with invitingly curious little bergs along the way. Give Kitkat more time and some extra attention.

    Keep on trucking. ;)

  5. I love traveling back roads. There is so much to see. Sure hope Kitkat settles in soon. Poor baby doesn't know what to make of it all.

  6. We enjoy the secondary & back roads as well, even with our overall length towing the Jeep of 53 feet. I am always pouring over maps looking for routes that avoid Interstates & cities. We once hauled ourselves off the I-?? just east of Joplin to avoid St. Louis & totally got ourselves lost in the Ozark Mountains. I kinda like when that happens....sometimes. Kit Kat will probably be fine once she adjusts to life on the road. Our dog Max was always restless for the first few days of traveling but then settled in just fine.

  7. Wouldn't you just love to know what Kit Kat is really thinking about this journey the two of you are on?!! I love picturing those little
    'bubble' captions (like in the comic books)above a pet's head and entering a snarky remark directed at the pet's owner or an antagonizer!!

    I couldn't 'link' thru the barn quilt brocher photo but did 'google' it and wow. . . . I didn't even know about this! What a great idea those folks came up with. I would sure love to drive the various routes they've set up to wander through their counties in Iowa. Maybe someday I will!


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