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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Missouri & Kansas

It was a grey morning. Pulled out of the campground just before 8am, heading south. Drove on country roads for most of the day. Went south for awhile, then just north of Kansas City I headed west towards Atchison, Kansas. There were some sprinkles during the morning, and there was hardly any traffic on the roads.  Crossed the bridge over the Missouri River into Kansas and wanted to take a picture of the old iron bridge because they are replacing it with a concrete bridge.

I pulled into a parking lot to the right of the bridge. The town of Atchison had a few things going on for the weekend. I walked to the Farmers Market and by a car show.  I walked near the Railroad Museum where some train cars were being restored.

Then I walked along the river, they have a nice riverfront park with a concrete walking path and benches and picnic tables. Not sure how long the path is, I followed it for awhile then turned back.  There are several nice looking restaurants along the river, as well. Looks like the town did a good job fixing up the riverfront and there were several people out enjoying it.

Left Atchison and headed southwest towards Topeka, Hwy 4 merged into I-70, so I as much as I try, I didn't totally stay off of the interstate. After a few miles on I-70, I took the exit to resume travel on Hwy. 4. This part of the highway is the "Native Rocks Scenic Byway". There was no place to pull over and enjoy the scenery on the scenic byway. This makes no sense to me. Lots and lots of signs about the scenic byway, but you can't stop anywhere. Lots of cattle along this highway and a herd of bison and "red dogs".

photo borrowed from the web

I then headed south on Hwy. 99, I ran into a detour that took me on 56 east for awhile, then Hwy. 56 had a detour, eventually the two detours split off. I was wondering why all of the detours. I saw a sign that I would be going through Reading, Kansas. Since I had been through several "train towns" already in Kansas, I thought maybe there would be a train depot in Reading. Instead, I drove through a town that had been devastated by a tornado on May 22nd. There were caution signs on the highway, I slowed down and wasn't sure if I could keep going, we were allowed to drive past. A lot of the streets were barricaded and people were out in the drizzly rain sorting through the remnants of their homes. I felt very sad driving through this area, I had never driven through an area hit by a tornado.

I was heading to a town south of Reading for the night. I want to go to the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in the morning.

Campground Review
Friday night I stayed at  Eagle Ridge RV Park  in Eagleville, Missouri. The owners were very helpful in setting me up with a spot even though it was the beginning of a holiday weekend. The website stated a 2 night minimum on holidays, but they were ok with me staying one night. I was in an overflow area, with electric only and they topped off my water tank. I was parked on grass with a slight slope, the owner put down boards for my front tires, to make the coach more level. This was a nice family park with a lot of trees and flowers. I would highly recommend this park.

I didn't make reservations because I am traveling around the weather reports and was not sure exactly which way I was going or how far I would go each day.  My thinking is that every single site in every park could not possibly be full, even on a holiday weekend.

9481-9762 / 281 miles   gas prices $3.64


  1. How sad to see the devastation caused by the tornado. My heart goes out to all those affected by this strange weather.

    Looks like you landed in a good spot for the night. Nice to have helpful and friendly hosts.

  2. Love your camping spot. The pretty flowers are such a nice touch.

  3. I have been seeing some pictures of the devastation and I really feel bad for they people. Especially those with no insurance. I hate paying that earthquake premium every month, but our investment is too big to loose. Of course the 20+ deductible would kill us.

  4. Part of traveling the backroads is seeing the Real America, good, bad and ugly. It is sad. Glad you found a nice, friendly and available campsite over this holiday weekend. Be careful out there, and have fun doing it. Hope Kitkat is settling in.

  5. These darn tornado's are really awful I feel so bad for these folks.
    But you sure are making good headway in your travels. Most owners and managers are great people and will help out.
    Have fun stay safe

  6. Lovely campsite. I think the normal rules for reservations might be different in this year of high gas prices, so you might find them more relaxed. It's fun to travel spontaneously, also. It leaves room for the unexpected that becomes the best part of the day, or even the week. I have not traveled through tornado devastated areas, either. It must be very sad.

  7. love that picture of the coach between the trees...good spot


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