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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Finding Supplies for the Coach

I started to write this on Sunday, but didn't get around to adding the pictures until today.

First, some notes on comments to earlier blogs. Because the plant is toxic to my cat, I will probably give it away to someone without pets. I will look into some wall vases. Not sure how/where I would attach them. I don't want to make any holes on the walls of the coach.

The cat litter will be kept in the cabinet under the bathroom sink, I lined the inside of the cabinet with plastic (the bottom of the cabinet has a hole and lifts up to access pipes underneath and I didn't want litter falling down into that area.  I bought 2 different size litter pans that nest inside each other, to hopefully catch some of the litter that gets kicked around.  I didn't want to put the litter box in the shower because cats kick the litter around, and I would have to be constantly cleaning out the shower. I will probably need a hand held vacuum cleaner.
On Monday, my brother helped me install a "kitty door" on the bathroom door.  I have one on my basement door in the house, and my cat is already comfortable using this type of door to get to the litter box in the basement.

Thanks for the blogger backup info.
And I'm going to test drive some folding bikes at Camping World.  Donna said she is using a gel seat on her folding bike, and I found one in my basement.

This weekend was cold and damp so I decided to work on getting stuff out of my basement and into the garage for the upcoming garage sale.

Sorting and purging and setting things aside to use in the coach.

I did a lot of laundry. The local animal shelter takes donations of towels, blankets and sheets, in any condition. I washed everything and packed them into large plastic bags.

We seem to blog about all of our "stuff".  I'm glad I kept some of it, its finding a home -in the coach. Some things are from the travel trailer that we had in the 90's.
It just amazes me the "stuff" I have accumulated and spent my hard earned money on. I always thought I was pretty frugal. In my defense, it is 35 years of accumulation and I did buy most of this stuff at resale shops or on clearance and I did get some use out of it at one time or another, so I guess I shouldn't be too upset about it.  There were a few sad moments when I came across some of my husbands things. I didn't remember putting those things into the basement. I was probably still in a fog when I moved things out of his "office" and changed that room into a bedroom for myself. There are still a few items I've been looking for and have not found.  I'm sure they will show up somewhere.

I will repurpose whatever I can and sell the rest.  I did really well at last years 4 day garage sale and hope I can sell a lot this year. I relisted some items on Amazon and a few things sold over the weekend.

The coach has a lot more storage space than I anticipated. Most of the cabinets and outside bins are empty.  I will take along some of my sewing supplies and fabric. I am hoping that I will be able to sew some items and eventually make things to sell. (Today at 3pm Workamping Magazine is hosting a webinar about operating a small business from your RV). ???Do I really want to start a business again........ or just take short term part-time jobs and leave the stress to the owners?

The coach has a good size counter top and I am looking for a counter height folding stool.
I really like the clean, uncluttered look and I'm afraid of adding to many things.
I don't want the coach to look cluttered or messy.
You can't see it in the picture,
 there is a space next to the kitchen cabinet. 
 I could keep a folding stool in this area.
The larger dinette is now a bed/couch.
 I added a twin size memory foam mattress.
I need to finish sewing the pillows/bolsters for the bed.
Check out what I found in the basement
didn't need to go shopping.

Storage trays and boxes. A set of new flatware for 4 and 4 new steak knives. 
Old Tupperware items. A utility hammock, a pet door, a bag of bungee cords.
 Gel bike seat and tire pump and bike tool bag.
A folding shovel. Quick dry camping towel. Picnic Tableloth, and more..........

A set of blue travel cases (to be used in the outside storage bins).
I'm trying to keep all my supplies in closed containers,
so that things are not sliding around too much while I am driving.

I also came across a large supply of shampoos and soaps we picked up during our travels,
 won't have to buy shampoo anytime soon.

Only 7 more days till I leave again.........................


  1. Wow you are making great progress! I like the idea of a cat door in the bathroom cupboard. We just bought a cover for our litter box and the cats got used to it pretty easily. But if that idea doesn't work out, we might think about the cupboard one. Our cats also use a cat door to get to our basement.

  2. I'm with you about taking short term part-time jobs and leaving the stress to the owners. Although I would like to have a store on Ebay, not sure if I want to do that either. Time will tell.

    Let us know how the folding bike rides go. I'm still up in the air about what to get and how to carry it.

  3. I love it when I find "surprises" that are actually useful. Sounds like you are almost ready to hit the road.

  4. a day filled with progress!!..good for you!!

  5. It is amazing how much stuff can collect over the years. You sure found some usable items for your coach. That will save some money.
    I think half the fun is setting up your coach.

  6. I think setting up the coach is half the fun as well. It's nice to put your own personal touch on things & give the rig a warm cozy feeling. White is not my favorite color so we painted our walls & added color wherever we could. We like to be enclosed in a homey feeling. Nice that you found lots of practical & useful 'stuff.'

  7. You have such great counter space, I can imagine a sewing machine there, easily. I, too, was amazed at all the things I've purchased, spent my hard-earned money on. But I did use them, or have plans to use them. The plan just changed. That's the way it goes. You'll save lots of money using the things you found, rather than buying more. You're lucky you found them before going out and buying them again! :)


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