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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Thanks for all of the suggestions. I knew I could rely on fellow RVer's to give me some ideas. I figured I would need to upgrade the shocks and had read about air bags on other blogs.

I've been researching repair shops near my home. I found a reliable shop that works on RV's and large trucks. Also, there is a Ford dealer just a few blocks from my home and they sell large trucks for contractors, so I will inquire about them working on the coach.

I hope that there is time to get the work done before I leave again.

I plan on leaving town in the coach around May 25th and will be gone for about a month.

I'm hoping for a smoother ride, as others have mentioned. They noticed a difference right away after they upgraded the shocks.

I will also look into the "pressure pro system" for the tires. I have read good reviews about them on other blogs, and I think it will provide an extra bit of confidence having something like this installed.

It's been too cool out, and I've been busy the few days I've been home, so washing the coach will have to wait until I get back from my train ride to Colorado with my Dad.

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  1. here is a link to Mike and Pat Mcfall..they sell the the pressure pro system


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