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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Casinos in Black Hawk, Colorado

Elevation: 8,537          Sunny and mild temp's

Black Hawk, Colorado is an Historic Mining Settlement that was reinvented as a destination for gambling, not much else to do here.

My Dad enjoys going to the Casinos, so this is where we are for the weekend. Today, Saturday, we left the hotel room at 6:30am and did not return until 8:30pm. The majority of this time was spent in the casinos. We also were in the casinos for several hours Friday.
2 photos borrowed from the internet

I took some photos with my cell phone and emailed them to myself, but Blogger does not like the format of them.  I should have gone back to the hotel room to get the camera.
I had taken pictures of the creek, my Dad sitting at the slots, and of an old train.

I snuck out of the casinos a few times to walk around town or to go sit out on the patios of the casinos. The casinos in this town have "smoking patios", they are actually very nice as the casinos border a creek. The patios are not too crowded, so I have been able to avoid being too near the smokers.

The casinos provided us with some meals when we signed up for their "players cards". They also gave us some "freebies": a tire gauge, a keychain, a deck of cards, chapstick, hand sanitizer, air freshener and $10 cash.

Tomorrow morning, more free casino food, some Mother's Day giveaways, a few hours of gambling and then the drive back to Denver to visit with Diane and Karl.

Wish me luck, so I break even for the weekend.


  1. May you win the Big One!

    Happy Mother's Day

  2. I flew with my mother to Laughlin, NV, one Thanksgiving so she could do the casino thing. I was bored to tears! :) I hate all the noise.

  3. I'm not really into casinos but I'm into WINNING... so good luck to you!

  4. I'm not into Casino's either and in this State they are everwhere it seems. I hate the smell of those places and I am to cheap to throw my money into the machines. I hope you had a wonderful Mothes Day.


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