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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kit Kat goes Kamping

Thursday, May 26th                 driving thru Illinois

It was drizzly when we left home, and there was some wind, but not bad enough to make the drive difficult. The sun came out around 3pm. It is warm (64) and sunny at the campground. I'm in a "pull thru" site, with a grassy area and picnic table.  I went for a walk around the campground. In this complex there is a BP station, an Econolodge and a Diner. We are near farmland, with easy access to the highway. This campground used to be a KOA, they have a pool, it's not open yet.

I had wanted to stay at a state or county park, when I called some of the county parks in this area, most of them have lake or river frontage and have a lot of flooding.

My cat "KitKat" is officially a kamping kitty.

She was not too happy at first. I put her in a carrier because I needed to stop for gas and didn't want her to escape from the coach. She kept scratching at the carrier. I let her out of the carrier when I was getting ready to leave the gas station.

She did pretty good, she cried for awhile, and actually fell asleep when I was going very slowly through a construction zone. She gets mad and cries when the road is bumpy. She likes to sit next to me, so I put a blanket on the floor next to the drivers seat. Only once did she climb down by my feet, I told her "no" and she moved. She cries when the GPS lady is talking or maybe she is talking back to it.

She is eating and sleeping and likes to look out the window. When she is on the bed - she has a good view out the window by the dinette.
She had a stressful day

9031-9246 / 215 miles    gas prices $4.19 and $3.79


  1. She has cute white socks. I assume she was an indoor cat. All cats I've had have ben indoor/outdoor and I wonder if they would have tried to get out the door of an RV.

  2. poor KitKat!..she seems to be adjusting!..all in due time!..she will be a great companion for you!

  3. The poor little thing doesn't understand what's going on, but she will get used to it, and probably enjoy her travels. She's a pretty cat, and looks comfortable.

    I think if I traveled with a cat, I'd get a harness and see if it could adjust to taking walks outside. Or... maybe it's better not to let them out at all, because then they might try to escape. I wonder what full-timers with cats do?

  4. What a pretty kitty. I bet sbove all she is happy to be with you, even if it means riding in a house on wheels.

  5. Looks like your baby has the makings of a great "road kitty". I do have a harness for Jeremy for going outside, but after a few years of traveling in the RV he no longer makes a beeline for an open door or window. We just have to pay attention.

  6. I believe you'll both adjust. Kitkat looks pretty comfortable on the bed. I traveled with a cat for years and the worse part was the catpan. Glad you're both finally out there on the road.

  7. Looks like a really nice camp ground and you have a great spot under the tree for shade. KitKat looks like she will settle in nicely. Pretty kitty.
    like the pictures. Travel safe and have a great time.

  8. I think that is the way Ariel is going to be. She has always been indoors and likes her security, so being in the truck is going to be a huge change for her. We will take them both for short trips to try to help them adjust before we actually go on a road trip!

  9. Looks like she will get used to being a camper cat pretty quick, I got the map you sent, thank you so much, There is plenty of room at the Weeb Ranch if you decide to stop for a visit.Donna & I always enjoy meeting our blogger friends. We should be home until the 16th of June when we leave for an RV vacation in IL. & Wisconsin. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  10. Although we have had several house cats in the past we have never traveled with one. Ivan from ROADTRIP 2010 travels solo with his cat Hailey all the time & has a lot of experience in that department. Kit Kat is a cutie for sure:))

  11. Your cat is precious. I travel with 2 cats and they did not like it at first and cried constantly. On our second trip I put them in the coach the night before leaving the house. By morning when we left home they had stopped crying. On our next trip I had to put them in a carrier in order for them to stop crying. They felt secure in that carrier while we rolled. Today they have run of the coach and usually stay put under the swivel chair while we are rolling. They have never tried to run out of the door. I'm excited for you... have a great time.


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