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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Discount RV Parks

I was looking for an overnight park near Shreveport, Louisiana.

There is an RV park near I-20, it was $12 more than a Passport America (50% discount) park.
I looked at the maps on Google and saw that the discount park was 20 miles north of the highway, and I would have to backtrack to the highway in the morning.

The cost savings for the discount park would be gone with 40 miles of extra driving, so I decided to stay at the park closer to the highway.

If I was going to stay for more than one night, I'm sure I would have considered the discount park.

I'm wondering if anyone does this type of cost comparison, what are your criteria for finding a place to stay for just one night? Or for longer stays?

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Anyway, I just stayed overnight in Shreveport and moved on. Shreveport has a lot of casinos, I may have been able to stay cheaper at a casino, but they don't interest me.

Tall Pines RV Park was nice, I had a nice corner site, with a swing and paved patio with a table and chairs, and it was warm enough to be outside for awhile before sunset. I would have liked to go to the gardens of the American Rose Society, but they were closed for the winter.

I traveled through the Northwest corner of Louisiana and will get to southern LA sometime in the future.

Thursday morning on my way to the RV park in Texas, I stopped in Nacogdoches, TX (don't ask me to pronounce it). They advertise that they are the oldest town in Texas.  I walked around the small downtown area for awhile and stopped at the Dragonfly Garden Center and Gift Shop.  I was tempted to buy a small plant for the RV.  I didn't because I was afraid my cat would eat it and get sick. I was hoping to find a small dragonfly to put in the RV window, but they only had ones that were large, glass and too delicate for RV living.

Walking around the town was a good diversion from driving.  They have old-fashioned brick streets in town. I stopped in several resale and antique shops.  I purchased a few small gifts for the holidays.  I prefer shopping in small towns like this instead of the large malls.


  1. We try not to pay for a campground if we're just traveling through. But with the choice of your two campgrounds, we would also have stayed at the one near the interstate and saved the gas. Casino's are great places to stay. All you need is a players card and you don't have to play. Just get the card.

  2. Lately, I've taken to comparing costs of gas to get to Passport America parks as opposed to staying closer to the free way when I'm on a mission to get somewhere. Traveling solo, I'm not comfortable doing free places like Wal-mart, etc. I also like to have electricity. :) And I'm willing to pay for it.

  3. I try not to think about gas costs limiting my travels-- I just swipe my card, pull the nozzle, and close my eyes! But seriously, though, you do bring up some good advice, and I should consider added driving distance vs. discount savings.

    BTW, it's usually pronounced "Nack-a-DOE-ches" and it sounds a heck of a lot warmer than Chicago this week!

  4. WOW... a swing? I've never seen a campground site with its own swing. How great.

  5. I love the swing too! Learning about all the different camping possibilities has been very interesting.

  6. I usually think convenience when traveling.

  7. I love the swing. That's where you would find me. Maybe even grabbing a few winks. :)

  8. My mother-in-law grows oat grass for her cat.

  9. I always mapped out my route, then got my PA discount book out to see if there were any close. I wouldn't go far off the hwy either. Casino's are great to ON. Usually they have a RV PARKING area, where it would be safe to ON. Most have full hook ups, but you have to go in and get players card to get discount. Course, I enjoy the Casino's buffet.

  10. I'd not of gone all those miles out of my way eitehr due to the cost of gas vs what you may have saved. However, I probably would have boondocked somewhere since it was only one night. But we all have to do what we are comfortable with. I've yet to park at a casino, but I've heard good & bad about it. Nachogdoches is a nice place to stay :-)


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