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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Rainy Day Project

I did not like the way the closet is set up in the coach. The rod is towards the front with shelves behind it. The hangers would rub against the shelf and not hang straight. With a full row of clothes on hangers, I could not reach the items on the shelves. Last week, I was so frustrated with this, that I took all of the clothes off the hangers and put them in plastic bags in the outside storage.


There is one fixed shelf about 8 inches from the bottom and also the floor of the closet that I can set boxes on. Today, I removed 2 shelves and moved the rod back about 10". Much, much better. I am so happy to have the clothes back in the closet and room in the outside storage to put other items.

Sure, I have to reach back to hang things, but the hanging clothes are out of the way and I can place boxes in front and I can slide a box of canned goods under the hanging clothes.

I ordered 2 closet organizers from, they will be here on Tuesday. They have a lot of little zippered pockets on both sides and they hang from the closet rod - a good place to keep all the little odds and ends that are now in a box and a good place to keep my sewing supplies. 

I want to get everything organized and find a place for everything before I leave this RV park. This park has a "flea market" table in the activity center. Take what you need and leave what you don't want. I have already donated some things over there, including some empty storage boxes and hope to drop off more things next week.

I have to hang around here for awhile anyway, I ordered an iPhone 4S from Sprint and they said it will be 1-2 weeks for delivery. I received an email today from AppleCare+ with the serial number, so I'm hoping the phone will be here sooner than they said.  My current phone is not working good, it is at least 5 years old, maybe older. It stutters when it rings, and when I was making all of those calls last week, a lot of people said they could not hear me, and the phone kept fading in and out.

There are other reasons for staying here a little longer. I am still waiting for some mail and refund checks from cancelling my auto and homeowners insurance and I still want to get registered and licensed in Texas.

I did my part for "Black Friday" and placed an order at,
these are some of the things I ordered.
There are four cup holders in my rig, now I can keep
pens, sunglasses, etc. and my phone from sliding around.

I wanted to put a soap/shampoo dispenser on my shower wall,
the walls are textured and nothing would hold on
I didn't want to drill any holes in the new shower.
This will work good, because you can put the bottles upside down.

Quake Hold! Museum Putty
I want to keep some things on the counter and shelves
and not have to pack them away every time
I go for a drive.


  1. You are definitely getting settled. We still find little things that we want to change to make our rig fit our lifestyle and make things easier.

  2. I think you made a real good improvement in that closet, :)

  3. I notice that the rod in your closet seems to have ribs on it. Ours is smooth, I wonder if I can get one like yours...

  4. Merikay, it's some kind of plastic ribbed tubing that is sliced through & popped over the rod. I have it in my RV too. But don't know what to call it. Maybe it can be found at a plumbing dept in a hardware store?
    Teri, you are doing a great job! One of the things I've noticed when looking at newer RV's IS the lack of closet space! It's one of my criteria for my next RV. I have a 22' MH & it has decent Closet space, yet, I've seen other bigger rigs that really lack that. Love the shower caddy thing, I must find one of those. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  5. Looks good! Never heard of Museum putty, I always used Handi Tack from Wal Mart. Hold pictures well, without damaging the wall, easy to remove.

  6. Hi Teri, Great ideas! You mentioned sewing supplies.... what do you sew in your RV? I have been figuring on taking my sewing machine and quilt stuff with me for rainy days, but have only taken hand sewing so far.

  7. nice work on the closet reno!!!..and the shower caddy idea is a good one too!!

  8. That sure is a deep closet. The shelves were almost a good idea. But you made it much better. I bought those stacked shoe sized plastic drawers and put that on one side of the closet to store things in like socks, under things, scarfs,gloves and a rain poncho. I still had room for the little hand held bissel and a few other things on the floor.My closet goes down further than the door, unlike yours so I can stack stuff under the clothes. Do you have drawers under your closet? Its amazing once we spend time in our rigs how we can figure out what needs to go where and how to make it work.
    Keep sharing your ideas with us.

  9. This is one of those examples where, my impression is that those who design RVs quite possibly have never lived in one. Maybe not even so much as having spent a weekend?
    I think if we had kept our class A motorhome, (Which we sold in May of 2011 *sniff*) I probably would have eventually changed most of the innards.
    And what's with all the mirrors? But don't get me started on that!

  10. Thanks Teri for the great organizing ideas and pictures. It is so nice to learn from others who are faced with many of your same problems.


  11. Just wanted to say hi and thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a message. I hope you check out my photoblog and also my hiking blog.


  12. Our teeny trailer also has those danged textured walls and because we are around the coast, mildew is a problem everywhere around us, so I purchased some stuff from the cleaning aisle at the hardware store to make the walls slick. Works great. Also, try using Command hooks on your textured walls. They are removable and the larger ones can hold, I think, up to 7 pounds. Maybe 9. Can't recall.



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