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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Moving Company Review

I was very satisfied with the moving company I used to move items from my house in Illinois to my daughters house in Colorado.

Golan's Moving and Storage
Skokie, Illinois

They were very professional and the salesperson did not pressure me to move with their company.
Golan's owns their own trucks and the workers are employees of the company, not subcontractors.

They quoted an estimate of 2500# of household goods.  I supplied the same list to all of the moving companies I spoke with.  The other moving companies quoted me an estimate using only 1500# to 2000# - so, of course, their estimates were lower. I would have ended up paying the same or more and the reviews for the other companies were very scary.  The other companies could not guarantee that they were not a broker and that they did not sell the job out to another company. Some of the other companies continued to call and harass me and wanted me to cancel my appointment with Golan's. I bluntly told them that price was not the only factor, and that they were too pushy. I ignored a lot of the calls when I saw them on my caller id.

Golan's was outstanding, in the end my bill was not higher than the estimate. There is no charge for the moving blankets, but they do charge you for the tape that they use with the blankets, I think I paid a total of $10 for the tape. I did ask for additional insurance (the standard movers insurance only reimburses you 60c per pound-a few dollars per item) and I paid an additional fee for moving a flat screen TV (all movers charge extra for TV's).

They showed up at my house on time on the appointed day, and they contacted my daughter with an arrival time and date, giving her time to make sure she would be home.

As far as we can tell, nothing was damaged in the move.  They took their time and wrapped each chair, table and cabinet very well.  My daughter and I packed all of the boxes and taped and labeled them, they added their own inventory labels.  Besides the furniture, I had a few odd shaped items that did not fit in boxes and they securely wrapped them with the moving blankets and tape.

They move nationwide and have an office in California, also.

I highly recommend this company if you need any moving services.


  1. I will keep their name for the future. Glad it all went well for you.

  2. glad you were happy with the moving company!..there are so many bad ones out there nice to hear that you found a good one!

  3. Nice to hear about a good professional moving company. The one I tried to work with sucked and I finally cancelled them.

  4. Thank you for sharing. I just moved and hired NY moving, they did a great job too!


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