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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Out of range

State parks are some of my favorite places to park the coach, but sometimes they are "out of range" for cell phone and internet service.

It is a strange feeling - not being able to text - not being able to instantly get online and read blogs, check emails and research my next stop.

I rely on the internet for travel information and maps. I have paper maps with me, but prefer to check out camping spots on the computer.

Do I avoid staying in places where I am out of range? Or, do I take advantage of this quiet time to do something else?

This week I arrived at a State Park and discovered that they had no cell service, I asked a park employee if they had a pay phone. I just wanted to let my daughter know why I would not be replying to any text from her. They did not have any pay phones, does anyone?

I had to drive several miles to get cell phone coverage, contact my daughter and go back to the park.

No new pics to post. I have not taken many pictures this week. I've just been relaxing and enjoying traveling.


  1. Sounds good to computer, cell phone, no tv. It is always good to take breaks from the electronics at times. Enjoy the quietness.

  2. Time away from the world can always be a good thing but I can't do it for very long. A week at the most and then I want contact again.

  3. Sounds so peaceful to me. A good book or just staring off into the creations of the world.
    Enjoying yourself thats what you worked so hard for.

  4. It was not so long ago that we didn't have the internet. How did we do without it? Remember when people took vacations and sent postcards home? Sometimes they would be back before the cards arrived.

    But I'm going t miss not being connected.

  5. I love the peace and quiet of "aloneness". I learned to use the road atlas way-back-when and can do very well without 'puters and cell phones ...... unless I get into trouble :) Then always nice to have that option available. Another RV'er I met at my last stop told me he had heard all state and national parks are working at getting towers for internet and cell service, but I expect it will take several years.


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