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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Not a good takeoff - I busted my mirror

I tried to leave on Saturday around Noon - 2 hours (and 5 days) later than I wanted to leave.

Too many last minute things to do - I felt like I was never going to get everything out of the house.
And, of course, I packed too many clothes, books and sewing projects. I arranged to have a cleaning service come in and give the house a good cleaning after I leave, but I am still very tired from all of this moving and purging and organizing.

I didn't want to throw away, give away and donate absolutely everything.  I figured I could work on the hand sewing projects during the dark winter nights. I will have to purge some things along the way.


Just a few minutes from my house, I was getting onto the tollway at the unmanned toll booth on 95th Street going South (to meet up with I-57).

I was concerned about my I-pass working properly, I registered the RV with the tollway but this was the first time I was using the I-pass with the RV, I saw the sign for I-pass on the left and went through the left lane, big mistake. I should have stayed in the right lane.  My right outside mirror hit something, it folded in as it is designed to do, but the glass shattered.

I got off the tollway at the very first exit to come up and pulled into a truck repair lot.  They were very helpful, we called around for a replacement. None available and its a weekend, too. They rigged up a mirror for me, nice bright red duck tape holding it on. Now at least I can see what is on the right side and when I am backing up.

I had called my brother to help, I wasn't far from his house.  I thought we would have to drive to an auto parts store to get a mirror.  By the time he arrived they were adjusting the mirror.  I drove to a nearby Ford dealer, my brother following me.  The Ford dealer said its an "after market" mirror and not a Ford part, so I will need to contact some RV dealers.  I called one that is about 10 miles away but their parts department is closed on weekends.

I went back home, I will leave in the morning and get the mirror replaced somewhere down the road.

I made some calls and was told that the parts need to be ordered directly from Winnebago and it could take a week to get the parts.  I talked to the service department at Camping World in Little Rock, Arkansas - they can place the order on Monday, using my VIN#. I'm hoping that they will have received the part by the time I get down that way.

I am, of course, totally frustrated with myself.  I have driven the RV over 5000 miles from Florida to Illinois and from Illinois to Texas and back without doing something like this.

Bright and early Sunday morning, I will try another attempt at takeoff.

Tomorrow, I will get on the tollway at 127th and Cicero.


  1. So sorry to hear about your mirror. I know your nerves are about shot. I know mine were when we finally took off. Tomorrow you can get a nice early start and take your time getting on the road. Tonight, just relax and enjoy yourself.

  2. I can just about imagine how disappointed you are. Hope you can get the part like planned... then Happy Trails.

  3. Bummer. It's disappointing when you were so looking forward to finally starting out today. Rest well, and get a good start tomorrow.

  4. Oh ouch, but all in all, it could be worse & they rigged it to where you still have a view. Get some rest, hit the road & have a great time!

  5. Your are very tired and upset right now. It will get better as you travel on down the road, and get closer to your destination. I know someone who had theirs broken by some jerk. they taped a hand mirrow to theirs.
    You are going to be fine. Rest up like everyone else is telling you and get a fresh start in the morning.

    Try this site
    Velvac makes most of the mirrors for rvs. Your pictures look like you only have to replace the glass (cheaper) I bet you could do this job yourself - they have a good cust service dept

  7. Well, you've got that first ding out of the way now. :)

  8. Well you got that out of the way. JUst takes a little time to learn how wide and long you are.

  9. Sorry about the mirror. Hope you get it fixed soon.

    Safe travels!! Hope all goes as planned.


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