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Monday, November 14, 2011

Nov 10 and Nov 11

A few journal notes:

Did a lot of interstate driving since I left the Chicago area, working my way to Star City, Arkansas to stay with friends for a few days.

I left Effingham, IL on Thursday morning and headed to the KOA Kampground in Marion, Arkansas.

I picked this park because it is right on the Interstate and they make a home cooked breakfast. The park is good for an overnight stay and I had a good corner site without a neighbor on one side. There was a full moon and I walked around for awhile in the evening.

After a late breakfast on Friday, I headed towards Village Creek State Park in Wynne, Arkansas.  I decided to get off the Interstate after about 10 miles and traveled the side roads, it was not a long drive but I stopped in several small towns before reaching the park.  I prefer the side roads and needed a break from the interstate.  I could have made it all the way to Star City on Friday, but I drove longer than I like to on Thursday and was not in the mood for driving on Friday.

Arrived at the state park around 12:30 and stopped in the Visitors Center, this is a huge park with 2 lakes and several campgrounds. They even have an equestrian campground.  I left the park for awhile to get cell service and stopped at "Hillbilly Treasures" a small antique and collectible store.  I used the parking lot to make my phone calls - so, of course, I had to go inside and look around.

Back to the state park for a quiet evening.  I walked around the park for about an hour, it felt good to get out and walk and stretch my legs.  I walked to the boat dock area, I wanted to walk to the equestrian campground, but after looking at the map and seeing how far I had already walked, I figured it was at least another 1/2 hour walk and then another hour to get back to where I started.


  1. I agree .... beautiful lake! Looks very similar to the one I stopped at in AR last week. Just love it when I can get down by the water.

    I like side roads also, and went from Memphis to Clarksville TN on 79 when going home. Small towns, yes, and takes longer, but just gotta have a scenic break once in a while:)

  2. We much prefer the side roads when we aren't hauling the boat behind us. And isn't it wonderful to just take your time and enjoy the journey.

  3. sounds like you are enjoying yourself!..exploring at your own speed!!!

  4. I think thats what RVing is all about finding the out of the way small towns with a cozy happy feel. Its exploring. I love your campground.

  5. We love side roads. All the life seems to be away from the interstate.

  6. I'll have to make note of this park. An equestrian park would be a fun place to stay at for a few days. I stayed at a state park in Ark last summer & it was really nice & peaceful. Looks very much like the photo you took of this park.


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