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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Star City, Arkansas

Nov 12 to Nov 15th

Had a good time visiting with my friends in Star City, Arkansas.

Bev and Denzill live on 160 acres, 2 miles from the highway down a gravel road.  Their home and land are in a pine forest, surrounded by timber company land. It happens to be deer hunting season, so they had a lot of visitors, with most of the guys out deer hunting twice a day.

I didn't take any pictures this week,
these pictures are from my daughter's wedding album
Kim, Denzill, Beverly (2005)

I parked the RV in their driveway and plugged into an outside outlet, this way I didn't have to empty my refrigerator. I slept in the RV with my cat to keep her company so she didn't think that I had abandoned her (she was alone in the RV all day long).

There were a lot of ladybugs around the property, must have been hundreds of them on the RV, some hitchhiked and are traveling with me now.

We enjoyed sitting around the kitchen table catching up and talking about family.  We spent some time sitting on the porch next to the pond, just watching the day go by.

On Sunday, Bev's son-in-law made some Bar-b-q ribs and chicken to celebrate Bev's birthday.

It was very relaxing and it's good to spend time with friends. We had really good, mild weather, they said it was warmer than usual for November.  It rained Tuesday night, but I had good driving weather on Wednesday.

I left Star City on Wednesday morning and will stop in Louisiana on my way to Texas.

A cell phone pic of their cute puppy, Jackson.


  1. So you're gonna be in LA. If I was there I'd invite you over. It would probably be out of your way as it is off the interstate some.

    Good to hear you're enjoying yourself. Have fun.

  2. I know KitKat was happy you slept in the RV with her. Gets lonely out there sometimes. Travel safe and keep on enjoying.

  3. Be sure to have a shrimp po-boy when you get to Louisiana!

  4. Nice to visit with old friends and relax at a cozy kitchen talbe or on their porch.

  5. Is there a problem with your fridge? Is it a 2 or 3 way fridge? Mine is a 2 way, electric or propane. When boondocking, I switch it over to propane with no problems. It keeps running just fine that way.


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