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Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Audet" Family Tree

This is the Family Tree information that I have. There is rumor that one of the Audette's married a BlackFoot Indian. I sent the family tree to an organization in Montana to research, but never heard back from them.

1640: Innocent Audet dit Lapointe/born in St. Pierre de Mailee, Paris, France (1615-1670) married Vincente Reine (1620-1675)
1670: Nicholas Audet dit Lapointe/born in St. Pierre de Maille, Paris France (1641-1700) married Magdeleine Despres (1656-1712)
(I have some history about Nicholas for another post)

1716: Joachim Audet/born in St. Jean,Ile d'Orleans (1680-1752) married Louise Roberge (1690-1775)
1752: Joseph Audet dit Lapointe (1728-1786) married Marie Anne Charbonneau (1735-1790)
1801: Joseph Audet/born in Boucherville, Quebec (1760-1850) married Veronique Letard (1785-1860)
1852: Oliver Audette/born in Longueuil, Quebec (1830-1880) married Adeline Boutheiller (1835-1882)
1877: Pierre Audette/born Valleyfield, Quebec (1856-1923) married Emilie Roi (1851-1909)
their son Victor Audette (1895-1961) is my grandfather born in Red Lake, MN

I'm thinking maybe a road trip to Canada is on my list of places to go.

In 1990, our family drove from Chicago to Niagara Falls, and North thru Canada to Sault St. Marie and then down into Wisconsin. We circled the Great Lakes, we may have gone through some areas where my ancestors farmed.


  1. Teri,

    Sounds like a great way to start your travels!


  2. What a fun adventure to follow your family tree.

    My family married into the Menomonies near Green Bay.

  3. Hi Teri,

    My family has been working on our ancestry family tree also. We are also part of the Audets.



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