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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Half Price Books

Half Price Books (retail/online) sent me an email with "Spring Break" coupons

I stopped at a store, in between appointments, and it's like Amazon without the shipping costs. I purchased 5 books and spent less than $30.00. I bought some older books, but they are new to me.
All of the books are in good shape, and some don't even look like they have been read.

The titles I bought are:
Pocket Guide to Zion and Bryce Canyon Natl Pks, Frommer, 2000
I have these pocket books for some of the other parks, and really like the way the info is presented

A Road of Her Own, Women's Journeys in the West, Marlene Blessing, 2002
started reading this one already

The Blue Bear, Lynn Schooler, 2002 (Alaskan story)

Going Back to Bisbee, Richard Shelton, 1993

Cities of Gold, A Journey Across the American SouthWest, Douglas Preston, 1992

I could have bought a ton more of the Travel Journals, they had shelves full of them. I was looking for a guide to State Parks or a guide to Wildlife Areas, but they didn't have those.

And they will buy back the books, I don't expect much for the books but it is better than nothing. I'm going to take a box of books over there next week to see what they offer.


  1. It's always good to send books on their way to a new reader. I usually drop mine at Goodwill or the Friends of the Library. My husband on the other hand has every book he has ever bought. At least a few years ago I finally got him to us the library and now the Kindle.

  2. Great choices. Looks like you'll be visiting my backyard. Sure hope you drop in to say hello at the North Rim.

  3. Couldn't reply on your comment.

    I was at the North Rim when you were there. Yes the little cabins are adorable. I'll be back there again this summer. So if you get close, let me know. For more than a day hike into the canyon you need a permit, applied for 3 months in advance. I have to go through the same process but sometimes cancellations occur. It's definitely a challenging hike.

  4. I have Going Back to Bisbee, I really enjoyed reading it. I love Bisbee. I will look for A Road Of Her Own.


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