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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Waiting, Patience and Negotiating

Now that I have gone to look at RV's and walked inside and around them, I am getting very impatient.

I want to get one NOW, and start filling it up with things from the house. I am sorting and cleaning out the house, and I'm not sure what will fit in the RV. In my basement, I found a box of stuff from when we had a trailer - plastic dishes, campfire cookware, and miscl camping things. It would be great to have the RV parked in the driveway. I feel like I am spending too much time on the computer looking for the right RV. I need to buy one soon, so I can get on with other things. I'm planning some more weekend trips to RV dealers, possibly going to Iowa to look at the "Born Free" brand. Update: Just found out my cousin is visiting from California this weekend, so Iowa will have to wait another week or so. But I can still go to some other dealers closer to home.
I have also narrowed it down to what
I like and don't like.
A decent size bathroom is at the top of the list, I really like the RV's with the rear bathroom. More space to turn around and move around. The tight little corner bath or side bath just won't do it. On the other hand, I have always been able to sleep anywhere, sleeping on a couch is not a problem, I may not even open it up to a bed. During the day - fold up the blankets and stash them in a closet. Have you ever seen a quillow? -it's a quilt folded up into a throw pillow.
I am also limiting myself to the 6 or 7 brands, in the class I am looking at, that are the top rated RV's for safety and quality construction. There are thousands and thousands of used RV's and by limiting the brands, I am making it much easier to make a decision.

I will be starting out with something small, I need to getaway with the least amount of stuff and stress, I would like to park near a beach and just stay there for several months, while I decide the next place to go.

Several years ago, I was going to get a VW pop top camper van (no bathrooom). So, a class B+ with a slide is a big step up from a VW camper van.

I originally thought I would sell my house and then pay for the RV using money from the sale of the house. I'm thinking I would like to have the RV before the house is sold, so that I can decide what possessions to keep and what will fit.  I want to take some short trips to campgrounds and parks closer to home.  So, I am planning on purchasing something in the next few months and will probably finance it. I could then pay it off, or not, once the house is sold.

As far as dealing with the salesperson,
I will walk away if I am not comfortable. Several times, I have walked away in the middle of a deal when buying a car, and the salesman and manager would follow me out the door begging me to come back - but I would just go down the street to the next dealer. I go head to head with the salesperson, I usually carry my handy dandy calculator with me. I look out for hidden charges, and prep fees and cleaning fees? - that's all a part of doing business, and I shouldn't be charged extra for it. I'm sure I've made mistakes, and I don't think any dealer ever lost money by selling me something, but you learn more each time you negotiate.


  1. patience is a virtue!..we don't have any either..we want one NOW too!..but we need to we read blogs..peruse the rv websites..go to the shows and visit the dealers in our area!...waiting is part of the least that is what I try and tell myself!

  2. I have a target to buy date, but I really want the house sold before we buy. I would even be willing to live in a furnished apartment for a while if we couldn't find the right rig.

    I really have to discipline myself to not buy anything for it. I'm not worried about getting rid of something that I might need. Stuff is relatively cheap and it would be fun to buy new stuff!

  3. You are SO on the right track Teri! Gotta' know what you want and then don't settle for less. I really like your idea about getting it soon enough to take some local journeys. Get the bugs out. (Not literally.) Also sounds like you know how to deal with the salesmen. I'm looking forward to seeing you on the road.

  4. I'm like Sue....I tell myself that the planning and waiting is part of the fun of buying!! I'm sure the buying part will be MORE fun, but since we can't buy now, I might as well try to enjoy the process! :)


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