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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Maybe a long lost cousin

This genealogy stuff is pretty interesting.

Sacagawea (Lewis & Clark guide) was married to Toussaint Charbonneau, born in 1767.

My great, great, great, great grandmother was Marie Anne Charbonneau, born in 1735.

Maybe Sacagawea is the Native American woman rumored to be in the Audette family. Maybe she is a long lost relative - an in-law from a cousin or uncle, or something like that.

Would be interesting to find out, not sure where to start looking for more information. So far, I have been using information that someone else had dug up - but then I saw that name Charbonneau, and linked it to Sacagawea's husband. None of the family history that I have mentions this link.


  1. Have you tried You have to pay to join, I don't know how much. They've been around for a while and the TV show "Who Do You Think You Are?" shows the people connecting with that website. Might be worth a try.
    That's a beautiful sculpture of Sacagawea.

  2. I figure we're all related to someone "famous" and if you can trace your American ancestors more than 200 years you can bet there's native blood in there somewhere.

    A very fun discovery for you and something to pursue.

  3. Look at it this a way. Even if she ain't a part of yer line, it still makes a darned good story to tell bout how she almost was.

  4. I was flipping through my mother's family's book she has of our family tree, she's a LaPointe from Michigan, on the front page, which was written by my grandfather, Alexander Lyell LaPointe it says we are related to King Louis XIV, illegitimately, however no one has ever been able to substantiate these claims. I wish there was more information available about our ancestors in France. Imagine a king!


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