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Friday, March 4, 2011

A Walk

I really feel better and have more energy if I can be outside.
I think that the lack of sunshine and fresh air
has a negative effect on us.
Dreaming of Sunshine and Summer

I was able to get outside
for a walk earlier today
the temp was 55 and overcast.
May 1, 2010 Starved Rock State Park Utica, IL

But then the weather
turned on me
and now it is raining
and we may get snow.


  1. The weather must have something against you being outside, or you need different clothing and attitude.

    Starved Rock State Park was my run away spot as a teen and young adult growing up in the burbs. I loved it in all seasons.

  2. Walking in the morning is my favorite.

  3. Being trapped indoors by the winters cold is about unhealthy as it gets. Being free outside in the warm sunshine & dryer air of the American Southwest is about as healthy as it gets....:))

  4. Wow, 55 degrees sounds so nice. It has been in the 20s and below here all week. I think today we are supposed to get to the low to mid 40s which will feel awesome. Five weeks until Tennessee!!! :)

  5. Being outside is why I'd rather be using a shovel than doing office work! :)


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