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Friday, March 11, 2011

RV Consumer Group

I wanted to make sure that whatever RV I decide to buy, that it is of good quality. I decided to spend the money to buy a package from with a book describing how to buy a RV plus reviews on a CD.  They also sent a CD - "How to Outwit any Auto, Truck, or RV dealer everytime. The author states that I should be able to save at least $6000 using his tips.

The book is very interesting and is just what I need, the author describes what types of RV's are most likely to leak, what types are hard to handle on the road, how to look for a quality made RV.

The book was published in 2005, third edition, " How to Select, Inspect and Buy an RV" by JD Gallant.
The CD has ratings for many years of used RV's and also new 2010 and 2011 models. The ratings give average prices, based on how much they depreciate each year. They also sent a CD about "Safely Towing" but I am not going to do any towing at this time, maybe later.

The author states that RV's are not subject to safety regulations and quality controls the same as automobiles. Since I will be traveling alone, I want to make sure that I have something reliable and comfortable.

I understand that all RV's will need repairs and maintenance - just like my house and car do now.

I saw a small class B+ RV.... which I liked the floorplan, but this guide said that the quality of this brand is terrible, so I guess I will pass on that and only search for the brands that have a good rating. Of course, these are harder to find used, and the cost is more than the other brands with lower ratings.

The categories that he uses for rating the RV's are: Fulltiming, Snowbirding, Vacationing and RoadTrekking.

RV's that are rated for RoadTrekking are made better, with less parts likely to come lose on rough roads, less shaking, better control.  When he describes their use, it sound like boondocking.

For the size RV I am looking at, these are the RV brands that are rated for RoadTrekking:
Bigfoot, Born Free, Chinook, DynaSport UTV, EarthRoamer, Isata E Series, Isata Sport Sedan, Platinum Coach House.  (A class B+ or small Class C - no overhead bunk)

If you see any of these brands available, I am very interested in looking at them, even if I have to take a weekend trip to go see it. I haven't found too many of these available in IL or surrounding states.  I think I'll go for a drive tomorrow to see if I can find one.


  1. happy shopping!..hope you have some luck!!

  2. Are you familiar with I find it interesting to look at different types of RVs around the country.

  3. Very smart to research. There's also forums. Although I've never owned one, I always liked the Chinook. Do you plan to boondock a lot? And then there's the money. Good luck and have fun looking. As my Dad always said, don't sign anything until you sleep on it. Or was that with it. ;)

  4. Have fun with your shopping!! :) Hope you find something you like.

  5. You have a good list - I would add Lazy Daze to your search. They have a useful usergroup.


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