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Monday, March 14, 2011

Blogs vs Books

I have always been a reader........probably reading too much.

I usually read biographies or non-fiction - travel books, crafting and art books. I rarely bought fiction/novels.

The blogs are like a biography, if I find a blog I like, I go back to the beginning of that persons blog and read to discover more about who they are.

I still read books, but find that I read the blogs more, now. I have a small 'netbook' which makes reading blogs in bed or on the couch easier. I may get the Sprint "TAB" when I go on the road, or maybe even an IPad, I have to figure out what service plan for phone and internet will be the best for me. I have always used Sprint, but need to consider some of the other Wi-Fi contraptions out there.


  1. These blogs can be addictive. Same thing happened to me, but I'm making a stab at reading "Texas" by Michener while I'm here at Mississippi Crane. Sure wish the print was bigger. :)

  2. I too find that I read fewer "books" now that I'm involved in blogging. In a way it's almost like being hooked on "soap operas." Always wondering what is going to happen tomorrow.

    I think I have learned more from reading blogs than from reading fiction. There are so many smart and nice people out there.

  3. I too used to read a lot more books, not of the fiction variety. Now I'm almost exclusively reading online, and a lot of blogs.

    I carried a netbook when I went to South Africa last year. It worked great for photos and being online when I could find a hotspot. I'm really liking the droidx for phone and reading emails, then I turn on the hotspot feature and use my laptop to read blogs etc.

  4. I read alot of blogs is addictive..the blogging family is like a soap opera! just never know what is around the next corner..
    happy reading!..whatever you read!!

  5. I am an avid researcher, and also resort to non-fiction. I am donating bunches of books to the local library, and most are self-help, how-to's, gardening, decorating, cookbooks, and nutrition books. Now I just use the internet for my research. Rarely do I get into a good book, although I want to once I officially retire. When too much is going on, I can't focus very well on anything but reality. Yuk! It is a curse!

  6. I gave up reading fiction many years ago. If a book does not deal with reality I am probably not going to read it. Same goes for television shows. I like biographies & histories of areas we travel to. Yes, blogs are definately addicting alright. I'm sure we all probably spend way too much time reading blogs every day but it is so easy to get caught up on what folks are doing. Blogs are a great form of creative therapy for many of us:))

  7. I don't have as much time to read other things now that I read so many blogs! I wish I had time to do both. I love a good book. Trying to get into two now.


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