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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another Journal

Sorting and cleaning,
Finding memories and wondering
why do I have all of this stuff
and what am I gonna do with all of it.

Grandpa Vic & Grandma Mary 1949

Found another journal of a trip that my Grandma Mary took:
There is no one to ask about these trips, from the mention of my Grandpa and friends, I'm assuming there were 4 on this trip to Florida and back.
I did not find a record of expenses for this trip.

9/23/1950   Left Chgo at noon got to Carbondale about 7 P.M. it was so cold we nearly froze had dinner about 8 P.M. at a very nice restaurant
9/24   got up at 6 a.m. went to church 7 o'clock mass got out at 8:15 had breakfast, left there at 9 a.m. got to Memphis 1:30 P.M. had dinner at Schwerin & went sightseeing for a few hours saw the new bridge over Memphis & Arkansas, also where they are making the River over   ???
9/25   Left Memphis at 8 a.m. had lunch in Vicksburg, Miss.   Tenn & Miss along Sugar Cane and rice plantations & saw some beautiful evergreen & Palm trees got to New Orleans in early P.M. got a nice motel & cooked our supper, we went downtown and visited a real Old St. Louis French Cemetery & St. Louis Cathedral one of the oldest in the country then we toured some of the French Markets
9/27   Continued on our tour of the French Quarters, took a walk through Maisons Dept. Store, had lunch at a very old French restaurant - Arnands, then Laura and I went in a souvenier shop & I bought salt & pepper shakers for Rita (my mom), came home and dressed went to Antoines for dinner
9/28   Saw Pontchartain Lake. Had lunch in Pensacola, Fla. drove thru the Mobile Tunnel. Spend the night in Tallahasse the Capital of Fla. nothing of interest there just the capital bldg. & a University.
9/29   had lunch in St. Petersburg saw Webb City, saw the fountain of youth, a square that looks like a park beautiful palm trees & flowers it is mostly occupied with old people of the town & all the business places have benches outside their stores where you can sit & rest, left there and drove around Tampa Bay a beautiful drive all the way to Sarasota, had double cottages there for the night with kitchen, bedroom & shower and a very large porch.
9/30   Left for Miami stopped at Ft. Myers & saw Edisons old place a beautiful sight, then we drove about 100 miles thru the Everglades a beautiful scenery, the only occupants along here is Indian Reservations, got to Miami in the afternoon
10/1   We went to 9 o'clock mass Little Flower Parish then went swimming in the afternoon we went sight seeing and visited Laura's sister-in-law
10/2   We drove to Key West went swimming in the Ocean had lunch at a Spanish American Restaurant, stopped & fished in the Ocean on our way back caught a dozen fish
10/3   went for a boat ride all around the Bay boat named 7 Seas, saw the fishermen come in with their catch which wasn't very good.
10/4   Drove in to see Laura's sister-in-law took her to rent herself an apt. had lunch at Byrons went to Crandon Park and had a picnic supper and swimming in the ocean.
10/5   Drove John & Laura to Aunts, we went sight seeing & had luch in Miami Beach
10/6   We went downtown in Miami went shopping and in the afternoon we went swimming 
10/7   We went to Palm Beach and West Palm beach drove along by the Ocean for miles, came to a city called Juniper, bathed in the Ocean near Juno by the Sea we all got sunburned & we picked about a bushel of sea shells along the shore
10/8   We went to church stayed around the house all day, we were too burned to go swimming again
10/9   Left Miami went to see the singing tower the big trees,Cyprus  Daytona Beach, Marine Studios saw sharks there at the ocean spend the night in St. Augustine the oldest city in the states.
10/10   saw fountain of youth the oldest school oldest buldings slave markets & fort right on the Ocean. That day we left for the Smoky Mts. went thru Jacksonville, Fla. had luch at Way Cross, Ga
 Vic (my grandpa) lost his hat. Stopped at Dublin, Ga. stopped overnite at Uncle Remos Cabins
10/11   Had breakfast at Clayton, Ga. Lunch at Bryson City, N.C. rented a cottage there for 2 nights visited Cherokee Indian Reservation had lunch there. Went to New Found Gap  about 6000 ft. abouve sea level also Indian Gap went to the highest pint in Tenn. the new Clingman Dome, then back to our cabin, had dinner
10/12   stopped at Gatlingsburg, Marysville,  drove for miles along the Calderwood Lake and visited Fontana Village and Fontana Dam and had dinner at Robbinville, N.C. & drove 3 hours in the dark, saw one bear, drove back and spend the night at Bryson City
10/13   next a.m. left and spend the night at Richmond, Ky,
10/14   left Richmond went thru Lexington, Covington, Ky. & Cincinnati then Indianapolis spend the night in Frankfort, Ind then Home.

I'm typing these journals as they are written, she wrote her notes in small spiral notebooks.

Hmmm....... I also have a drawer full of small spiral notebooks that I wrote in on trips with my husband. I would write down the time we left, and keep track of the mileage, cost of fuel and the names of places we ate at and visited and also info about the cabins or motels we stayed in. We stayed in campgrounds, if they had cabins. We did not travel by RV.  We owned a 32' travel trailer in the 90's, but it was parked at a campground and never towed.  It was a summer "cottage". After our daughter graduated from High School, we sold the trailer and started taking road trips. We mostly went south and west.  In 2008 he wanted to go to Arlington National Cemetery so we headed east. We also did one road trip to Florida for Christmas in 2001 when our daughter lived there.  So, I still have a lot of states to visit.

Do you keep track of things in a notebook, or do you just type as you remember it into your blogs/journal?

Enjoy your day, Teri


  1. I go from memory...when I was solo I tried the journal route but found it gecame a hassle. But that's just me....LOL!

  2. I kept a journal until I found out about this blog thing about two years ago. I like the blog because I can include pictures, and also because I'm not the only one reading it. :)

  3. I use to have a book that I wrote in..then I scrapbooked for a while ..but is blogging all the way!!!

  4. I enjoyed reading through your grand mother’s journal. As for me, I used to write everything down in a big green “record” book; this was a leftover of my training in the military. Now-a-days, I write almost all things in a “Word” journal and even worse, I track all expenses and money coming in, in a spreadsheet. Very often my “Word” journal and my spreadsheet overlap. It is from my text in my digital journal that I write my blogging posts.



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