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Monday, January 17, 2011


I need a 12-step program
for my BOOK addiction

What do you think? Is saving books and magazines and travel brochures and other papers an addiction?

They are heavy and I'm tired of moving them around. Is it necessary to keep them after we read them?
We can read them on the internet, or on a Kindle, or listen to them on an IPod.

It seems that I kept adding more bookshelves to the house, to keep more and more books.
I don't think I have ever read a book more than once.

I have sold some back to Amazon and take some to the library for the library book sale.
I'm trying to save money, so I have not been buying new books.
When I donate books at the library,  I check out what they have for sale. I always end up taking a few home because they only charge 50 cents for a hardcover and 25 cents for a paperback?
How could I not buy a few?

Denver Public Library

How do you keep yourself from hoarding books in the RV???

Enjoy your Day, Teri


  1. We sign up to local libraries wherever we travel so whatever books we read are then returned to the library & we don't end up with a lot of extra book clutter & weight in the Motor Home.

  2. I have a our plan is no books..the KOBO holds up to 1000 books!..

  3. I also love to read - I am planning on getting a Kindle. If all goes according to plan, that is going to be my birthday gift for this year. :)

  4. Hi Teri, great post. I particularly identify with this topic because I am frequently in trouble with my wife. While we have some books with us and carry a NOOK, I am always perusing the laundry mats (book swap locations) at the campgrounds we stay in. I often find myself in danger because Ellen knows me too well and tries to prevent me from carrying in those new found treasures that are often old and dirty, tattered with ripped covers, and smells of tobacco. Okay, I can understand the tobacco smell, but the other words pretty much describe me too. You can probably see the dilemma here.


  5. I spent the last couple of years before retirement purging books. I am lucky in that I have two daughters who love most of my books, so they got passed on. I still have a large bank of bookcases in my bedroom full of the best loved, lots of garden books and earth science stuff and my New Agey books from the 80's. I still go back to them. But in the MoHo, it's now a Kindle. I will keep purging. But books, like rock and wall art, are the anchors that keep me from full timing I guess.

  6. Hi there Teri! See, I found you from your comment on my blog :) Now I'm your newest stalker...I mean follower! HA! Come follow mine and we can be blog buddes!

    By the way, I'm a recovering book addict. Now that I have my Kindle, I can ease up on buying books!! Love my Kindle Kraker :)

  7. This is a post I needed to read!! I am a lifelong book collector - and that is seriously getting in my way of my newfound enthusiasm for simplifying. I have a Kindle and I use the public library constantly, as I whittle down the collection. It is people like me who supported Borders for years and then send it down the road to bankruptcy.


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