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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby Steps

Today I am going to a Widow's Group Dinner at a local restaurant.
I have avoided these dinners in the past.

Through email with some of the members, I have discovered that one of the members belongs to a "Camping Club"
So I have decided to go and meet with her.

Meeting with someone with similar interests should be a good step on this journey.
Thanks for listening.

Enjoy your Day, Teri


  1. It wasn't for the same reason, but I know what it's like to start over after a life change. Going to that dinner tonight sounds like a great step. :)

  2. Good to get out and expand your world. I don't do it often enough. Well, I do it via blogging I guess. But I do need to do face to face more. Thanks for coming by and leaving comments at A Camp Host's Meanderings. Appreciated!

  3. Good for you...I never did that, don't think there was a group close to me. But I had two good friends (online motorcycle friends) lost her husband 6 months before me and one six months after. We mentored each other along...

    Just be prepared for a lot of ups and downs...give in and wallow at times, then stand up and go out and live life to the fullest!!

  4. nice to make some new friends with similar interests!..good for you for getting out!!

  5. Finding people or groups with like minded interests is key. Decide what it is you like & want to do, then seek out folks with the same interests. A camping group would be a great start on the road to RVing. Good for you with your forward thinking.......:))


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